Sunday Summary // 23.08.2020

23 August 2020


Another week ends and I once more haven’t posted as much as I wanted and I feel like it has been a week! 


This week has been filled with work being blergh. So many stupid questions and so much change. Change isn’t a bad thing, but lots of change with no explanation behind it so I don’t understand why it’s happening  is not great. Basically, this week has been exhausting and I feel it in my bones. Honestly, I’m still tired writing this on Saturday and I was in bed early last night! It’s meant less blogging and blog hopping though which does suck. Just not had the energy for too much more work. I think I’m about ready for some serious time off of work, we have a bank holiday at the end of the month to look forward to and I do have some days off next month so you know I’ll be recharging my batteries.


Pretty much the only thing I’ve been doing in my free time is reading a bit of fanfic, watching Buffy (season 4 was when the show picked up because no Angel and more fun), and hanging out at my mom’s because seeing the dog cheers me up on bad days. I’ve needed some cheering up, not that days have been bad bad, but more they have been a bit exhausting and very frustrating so some fun time catching up with the dog has been the best. See picture below to show Milo’s cuteness, also bonus cat picture of Widget out to distract me on the day I decided to work from my mom’s. Miss my pets a lot at my house but always have happy faces when I pop round (best decision I made to live so close to my mom’s).


Still can’t tell you my news. I think the waiting for final confirmation on it is putting me in a bit of a pouty mood as well. They told me why the wait, I expected it but I really want to tell everyone. It’s not quite the same when only your family and a couple of friends know. 


And I should probably mention the iPad keyboard! Did I mention it last week? I forget, but either way totally a worthwhile purchase. My iPad has become like a little mini laptop for blog hopping and writing post drafts and basically it’s aces. I didn’t buy the really stupidly priced Apple keyboard but I think this one is even better. It does make my iPad stupidly heavy to cart around with me but whatever. It’s totally worth it. In fact, this whole post was drafted on the iPad and even edited on new blogger. Yep, not hating new blogger… I occasionally can’t find things but layout is way better on devices which aren’t a computer. 


What I’ve Been Reading

Loads of reading has not been done. Like I said, mostly fanfic and watching TV but I did finish a couple of books. Finally finished Hawke and Sienna’s book, it was very good and I really enjoyed it. Stayed up too late reading which should probably been a sign of my week being all about being tired. I also finished the last of the novella’s in Wild Invitation, it was all about Lara and Walker and was so sweet seeing their little family. I loved seeing Walker play a big part in Kiss of Snow. I listened to a couple of audiobooks this week, Scribd refreshed and Polaris Rising became available on audiobook. I started reading that book last year (I know) and get halfway in never finished. I think I was slumpy at the time  so just stopped. I decided it was time to give it another shot because I’d liked the idea of a sci-fi romance, I’m glad I did. I really enjoyed it and I remembered why I wanted to read it in the first place. I then listened to Tweet Cute, I almost didn’t keep listening as when I sped up the audio the female narrator was a little chipmunky (obviously my fault not bad audio) but the story interested me enough that I kept listening. It was cute, I love romances like this and between the tweets, the anonymous chat app, and them becoming friends IRL it was an adorable book. I have started another book… but I won’t mention it yet as I’m only a couple of chapters in.


New To Me

One purchase inspired by a review by Sam, a freebie and an ARC I forgot about last week. It’s a few books but I am trying to clear the shelves. 

What have you been doing this week? Anyone else just had one of those weeks? And why is it audiobooks are just easier to focus on than reading?

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