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26 August 2020


Bite sized books

This weeks review post has a couple of ARCs I meant to review forever ago. I read them and loved them… and then The Slump we really need to stop talking about. So let’s talk about a couple of amazing books which I should have been shouting about weeks ago but I’m all about being late to the party.


Published: 23rd June 2020

Source: Netgalley, Purchased

Genre: Contemporary, romance

My Rating:

Talia Hibbert returns with another charming romantic comedy about a young woman who agrees to fake date her friend after a video of him “rescuing” her from their office building goes viral...

Danika Brown knows what she wants: professional success, academic renown, and an occasional roll in the hay to relieve all that career-driven tension. But romance? Been there, done that, burned the T-shirt. Romantic partners, whatever their gender, are a distraction at best and a drain at worst. So Dani asks the universe for the perfect friend-with-benefits—someone who knows the score and knows their way around the bedroom.

When brooding security guard Zafir Ansari rescues Dani from a workplace fire drill gone wrong, it’s an obvious sign: PhD student Dani and ex-rugby player Zaf are destined to sleep together. But before she can explain that fact, a video of the heroic rescue goes viral. Now half the internet is shipping #DrRugbae—and Zaf is begging Dani to play along. Turns out, his sports charity for kids could really use the publicity. Lying to help children? Who on earth would refuse?

Dani’s plan is simple: fake a relationship in public, seduce Zaf behind the scenes. The trouble is, grumpy Zaf’s secretly a hopeless romantic—and he’s determined to corrupt Dani’s stone-cold realism. Before long, he’s tackling her fears into the dirt. But the former sports star has issues of his own, and the walls around his heart are as thick as his... um, thighs.

Suddenly, the easy lay Dani dreamed of is more complex than her thesis. Has her wish backfired? Is her focus being tested? Or is the universe just waiting for her to take a hint?

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


I read Take A Hint, Dani Brown during my slump and let me tell you, this was brilliant. I saw Vera review it and she also read it during a slump so it impacted her enjoyment, for me it was the exact opposite. I hadn’t been able to properly concentrate on most books but this one I couldn’t stop reading. I mean, I was one chapter in and had already written a note that Dani was a goddess and a woman after my own heart with her sass. There was never any doubt I’d love this one.


This book is about Dani and Zaf. Dani is Chloe’s sister, from the first book Get A Life, Chloe Brown, so you knew Dani would be aces. She was a woman committed to never being in a true relationship and was single minded in pursuing her work at the university. It was impressive, I admired her work ethic and loved how fun she was. I did worry about her though, her last relationship was purely physical with a friend and the pair fell out when Dani was unwilling to let emotions get involved. Then there was Zaf, a gruff ex rugby player who was working at the university on security. He was friends with Dani and most of the university were scared of him but he was a total softy. I mean, we first meet him listening to a romance audiobook, how could you not fall for a man who is a fan of romance? Once we learnt there was more to Zaf and there was a reason he was a squishy cinnamon roll, well I was in love. I was ready to fight everyone to keep him from harm.


This book centres on Dani and Zaf pretending to be in a relationship to help boost the profile of the non-profit Zaf runs and when Dani and Zaf find there is a definite attraction between them getting to explore their sexual side as well was a bonus. I was nervous about their fake relationship, though. It may be my favourite romance trope but. Zaf was a total sweetheart and I could see him getting hurt in that situation. I didn’t want to hate Dani because she hurt Zaf. He did get hurt, but so did Dani and the grand romantic gesture which followed was worth it.


As I said, this was a sequel to Get a Life, Chloe Brown and I loved the small glimpses into Chloe and Red’s domestic life. I forgot how much I loved Red as well, he was total prepared to murder Zaf at Chloe’s request because they thought he hurt Dani (the request was soon retracted when they found out Dani wasn’t the only injured party).


This book was fantastic and I could go into all the ways of how but I don’t want to spoil things for those of you who haven’t read it yet. Just trust me, it was brilliant. If you’re a fan of strong women seeking success and soft men in touch with their emotions and out to support the woman they love then you will love this. It was such a great book and many bloggers have probably explained why much better than me. Just read it, ok?


Published: 26th May 2020

Source: Netgalley

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, LGBT+

My Rating:

A showrunner and her assistant give the world something to talk about when they accidentally fuel a ridiculous rumor in this debut romance.

Hollywood powerhouse Jo is photographed making her assistant Emma laugh on the red carpet, and just like that, the tabloids declare them a couple. The so-called scandal couldn't come at a worse time--threatening Emma's promotion and Jo's new movie.

As the gossip spreads, it starts to affect all areas of their lives. Paparazzi are following them outside the office, coworkers are treating them differently, and a "source" is feeding information to the media. But their only comment is "no comment".

With the launch of Jo's film project fast approaching, the two women begin to spend even more time together, getting along famously. Emma seems to have a sixth sense for knowing what Jo needs. And Jo, known for being aloof and outwardly cold, opens up to Emma in a way neither of them expects. They begin to realize the rumor might not be so off base after all...but is acting on the spark between them worth fanning the gossip flames?

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


I’ve said it in the comments of other’s reviews for Something To Talk About,  I’d overlooked this book because I am not in love with the cover. Illustrated covers can be great but this one did not catch my eye going in. It looked quite serious and so I didn’t look at it properly. But when I learnt it was Berkley’s first F/F romance I looked at this book again and knew I needed it in my life. Especially when I found it was slow burn! I am a sucker for a slow burn and it was written so well here. You can imagine my excitement when I found this was being published here in the UK (yay for the UK finally acknowledging the brilliance of romance and purchasing rights for some fabulous books). When I saw it on netgalley to request I did instantly. I had this review all typed up and ready to go weeks ago but it’s fine, always good to wait a little while to talk about books I love.


Let’s get into the book, this focuses on Emma and Jo, and amazing couple who I would totally fight for. Jo is a former child actress who has transitioned into being an amazing writer in Hollywood and Emma is her assistant who is amazing and supportive and can just intuit Jo’s moods and what she needs on a day to day basis. Jo is in line to write the script for a big Hollywood film and there is a lot of chat surrounding her, it’s award season and she invites Emma to the SAGs to run interference and to just be a friendly face. Instead, they end up having a photo on the red carpet which makes them look a lot closer than employer/employee and the rumours start. And I loved them. Emma was far more heart on her sleeve earnest in her feelings, probably due to the fact she was younger, and Jo was much more restrained. This was partially due to her being closeted, but also because she had been in the limelight at a young age and seen betrayals and what happens with fame, how quick folks are to turn on you. But she brought herself back through writing shows and being amazing at it. The pair were opposites but they perfectly complemented one another.


I was shipping this pair from the start. They were so cute together. When Emma was there panicking over dress prices and dresses being too low cut and then when she came out in the perfect dress and Jo was practically speechless, I knew I was on to a winner. That kind of chemistry takes skill to write and it only carried on developing throughout the book.


I actually grew to like Jo more than Emma as I was reading. I think I understood her and her reserved nature a little better. I got why she held stuff back from Emma, usually because she assumed other’s would reveal it first. She both liked Emma and held her at a distance as she struggled to understand her feelings. I know Jo should have been smarter but she hadn’t truly let herself grow close to someone in years, she was a little rusty. I got that level of reserve because putting yourself out there is scary. And more importantly she was Emma’s boss! It never got fully addressed but that kind of power imbalance in a relationship is difficult. Jo couldn’t pursue Emma, it would be unprofessional, and the only reason this relationship worked is because it was clear from the star Emma would be moving on in her career and wouldn’t be working for Jo anymore.


Emma, I struggled with. I liked her, she really was so lovely. She was open and kind and I loved how much she cared for Jo even before she realised her own feelings. She did little things to make sure she ate and left her office on time. But I think I struggled with some moments of Emma’s immaturity. I understood why she was angry with Jo later in the book, even respected her that she didn’t let Jo off of the hook with a half arsed apology, but her behaviour in the workplace? She was so immature. There’s being annoyed with someone you work with and then there’s letting it impact your job. Her role was to assist Jo and sometimes while she was annoyed it acted as a hinderance. I know it all got addressed, they aired their feelings but it was something which bothered me about Emma. Once she realised her feelings and how they had made her act, though, then I liked her a lot more. I did respect her for wanting to ask for more respect though. She deserved that, I’d just wished for slightly more professional workplace behaviour. It was a minor niggle, though.


As you can see, I loved the characters in this. And not just the main ones, the secondary characters were amazing too. Emma’s sister was brilliant and made me hungry with all of her baking. And Jo’s best friend? Loved her and how she was ready to call out Jo on things and support her when she needed it. Ugh, this book had a full cast of characters that was great to read.


Honestly, it was a really great romance that worked to remind me there aren’t enough F/F romances being published and certainly not by big publishers. It’s great to see more LGBT+ romance coming out and I’m working to expand my reading horizons. I already want to read more books from authors of colour but it’s about time I tried to read more diverse romance in general. Romance has been straight and white for too long, there are still plenty of romances like that which are amazing, but it’s good to see romance recognising there is more out there. And let’s get off my soapbox telling you stuff you already know and just say check this out if you haven’t already.


Have you read either of these? And what was the last book you read where the cover put you off?

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