Sunday Summary // 29.11.2020

29 November 2020

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these hasn’t it? I have missed you guys, but I will say I may not be doing these weekly, simply because I haven’t done anything lately so what will I fill you in on?


What has happened lately? My boiler sprung a leak which was a fun discovery a couple of weekends ago, but I got someone and he said it was a common problem, a small plastic part had become brittle and just needed replacing. I haven’t had anyone in the house in a while so having the repair man in was weird! He worse a mask the whole time and had little plastic shoe covers on and was really friendly. It was a relief to finally have the heating back on and not worry about breaking the boiler further to have a shower.


It seems to be the past couple of weeks it’s been about things going wrong, in the middle of the night my smoke alarm battery started to go and did that wonderful beeping thing to inform me. It beeps once a minute until you change it. Who keeps 9v batteries in the house? And when I tried to take the battery out it beeped at me louder! It was not what I wanted at midnight on a work night. I fully felt like Phoebe from Friends on this one. I got new batteries the next day and just had a rather restless nights sleep until then. I didn’t even know the smoke alarm worked! I meant to test it when I moved in and just never got round to it so at least I know it works?


What else? Honestly, I have done nothing. I had a ridiculously long video call with friends which was so nice. I think I forgot how much I missed my friends and I’m sad as the UK government has announced that my area will have the highest restrictions in place when our mini lockdown ends next week. We can still only meet outdoors and the weather has just been getting colder and colder so we probably won’t get to catch up in person before Christmas, not properly. I understand why, the restrictions are right and fair, but I reserve the right to be disappointed by the news all the same.


We are apparently allowed to expand our bubble to 3 households at Christmas though… but the standard number of households we usually have at Christmas is 6 so I’m not too sure what’s happening there. Can’t expect my mom and stepdad to pick their favourites on who can see them so I’m kind of thinking about cancelling Christmas this year. I’m seeing so many Christmas decorations going up along my street, everyone seems to be lighting the outside of their house up like Blackpool Illuminations (follow the link on that one because if you aren’t from the UK you will not understand that reference). Half of my street have had their decorations up for about 2 weeks and it’s making me even more anti-Christmas. I don’t own any decorations as I moved in after Christmas last year but now I’m thinking I won’t bother buying any. It’s not like anyone will be coming in the house over Christmas so the only person seeing the decorations would be and I honestly don’t care. I think I’m just ready to get this year over with in the hopes next year will be better. This pandemic has been pretty shit and I definitely feel like I’ve lost a year of my life.


I have spent the past few days thinking about next year, though. I turn 30 at the end of February and although I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything on my birthday, I am hoping I can do something at some point next year to celebrate. Anyone got any good ideas of things to do? I have been wracking my brain for things I’ve always wanted to do or places I’ve always wanted to go but I’ve drawn a total blank. I just really want something fun to look forward to with my friends, we all need it I think.


What I’ve Been Reading

Since I started blogging again my reading game has been strong! I do feel abject fear after finishing a book as I try and figure out what to read next but I am so happy to be reading again and even have a reading challenge lined up for winter in the form of #SnowInLoveBingo which I am very excited to start. I will say I’ve included everything I’ve read for the whole month since I didn’t do a proper wrap up since coming back. I am kind of impressed at how much I’ve read lately. I’ve loved catching up with the Hidden Legacy series, can’t wait for the next book. Ice Planet Barbarians was crazy sauce and hilarious, great easy KU borrow. The Lady’s Champion was also a KU borrow and it was alright I might continue the series we’ll see. I enjoyed The Poet X but that ending! If you’ve read that book how did you feel about the end. And then I read 2 old books from my Kindle because I really do need to clear my shelves and enjoyed both.


I won’t show you the new to me books because I haven’t bought any. I did buy the gorgeous new mug in at Words & Kisses which is pretty and there’s a historical one as well which hasn’t come in yet but you can preorder.


What have you been up to lately? Anyone else feeling anti-Christmas because of the pandemic or have just become the Grinch?

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