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02 December 2020


At the beginning of September I saw the #FallIntoRomBingo on Twitter that Jen and Dani had organised. I was so excited by the bingo card and wrote a whole post how I planned to take part… and then fell into a two month long reading slump. It was the ultimate self sabotage. Life had other plans but luckily for me, Jen, Dani, and Aarya decided to do a Winter bingo card and so I get to try again with #SnowInLoveBingo instead. I have tried to pick a lot of books already on my shelves to use for each square but we all know as soon as you write a TBR list you promptly want to read anything but the books on that list. Hopefully, that won’t be the case here as I really want to read all of these.

Row One: Set Outside of the US/Europe (Torii Gate), Family Drama, Hot Beverage (two mugs with the word “love” above them inside of a heart), Meta, and Fluffy (a sheep) Row Two: Childfree HEA, Into the Woods (a small forest with a woman and dog), Black Historical, Feels Like Home (a house), and Fake Relationship Row Three: Reread (an open book with “x2” next to it), Cover/Title You Love, Happy Holidays! (Happy Holidays! in a cursive font with a blue background), Last Book Acquired, and Audiobook or HEA (headphones plugged into a heart) Row Four: Blogger Recommendation, Brown Eyes (a pair of brown eyes with big lashes), Small Town Romance by AOC, Snow (a snowman), F/F Contemporary Row Five: Messy Characters (a pig in mud), Specific/Unusual Profession, Rules/Lists/Resolutions (a scroll with writing on it), Music, Retelling/Mythology (small drawings of a goblet, lightning bolt, trident, arrow, and lyre)

Row 1

Outside Europe

This one I thought I would struggle with but then I immediately thought of Therese Beharrie because her books are fabulously and she always has me ready to book a plane ticket somewhere. I chose One Last Chance mostly because I’ve had it on my Kindle to read for a while. It is the perfect time to give it a shot.


Family Drama

This one I did struggle with so read through Jen’s recommendation post which had a lot of good suggestions on (half of my picks were guided by that post, although I conveniently already had a few of them chosen). Hate to Want You by Alisha Rai fits, I hear there is some family drama in it so it’s time to finally read it and remove it from my TBR.


Hot Beverage

I wasn’t too sure what to make of this one. It’s such a broad phrase, you know? But (again) looking at Jen’s recommendations list showed The Chai Factor, which has been on my TBR for a while. I don’t own a copy but I am cool with buying one. This is one of the squares I’m fairly flexible on, if I stumble across another fit I’ll take it.



I actually had a couple of picks for this one but I decided to go with Beach Read because it’s a book about writers, perfectly meta. I know I saw a couple of mixed reviews on it but as a whole people have been positive and I impulse bought it during my slump so why not, right?



Fluff means different things to different people. It either needs to be a light rom-com or a YA romance. Both tend to be easy reads for me and a fluffy read is always an easy rude I can curl up and escape into and usually finish quite quickly. For now, I have There’s Something About Sweetie as my chosen read because I’ve been wanting to read this one for a while but this is another flexible square as you don’t know fluff until you start reading it.


Row 2

Childfree HEA

I have read a few childfree HEAs but I am always happy to find more. It gets annoying when every HEA ends with the couple married with 2.5 children. I did have have to search around for this one and I’m not sure if there are any on my Kindle already. This one will be either Not Another Family Wedding by Jackie Lau as it explicitly says the one MC doesn’t want kids, or One and Only by Jenny Holiday as it appeared on Jen’s list.


Into The Woods

Initially, I was going to choose a shifter romance, they are always set in the woods, and I still might, but I saw A Heart of Blood and Ashes by Milla Vane on Jen’s recommendation post and I bought that a few months ago so I think I might read that instead.


Black Historical

I have been meaning to read An Extraordinary Union forever and it was one of my picks for the fall bingo which never happened. As soon as I saw black historical it was either going to be this or I was finally going to read something from Beverley Jenkins.


Feels Like Home

I had to search my Kindle for the phrase ‘feels like home’ for this one. I mostly managed to avoid spoilers but I’ve got a few possibilities from it. Apparently, this phrase appeared in Well Met and Sweet Talkin’ Lover which have both been on my Kindle a little while so I’m hoping to read those. I do have a mini list for this one, just in case my mood takes me somewhere else.


Fake Relationship

This is my catnip and I kind of thought I’d have a whole bunch of books on my Kindle to read but I’ve read a lot of them. I think Outmatched is a good fit and I borrowed it on KU about six months ago.


Row 3


This is one category I’m just winging it on. I adore rereading but I am very much led by my mood with what I reread so I want choose a book for this one until the mood strikes. I’ve got a long list of books I have been dying to reread but I don’t know which one I fancy rereading right now.


Cover/Title I Love

I have stopped buying books simply because I love the cover (for the most part anyway) but Make A Scene is one book I know the cover drew it to my attention. It’s a cover by Leni Kauffman and she has been doing magical things for illustrated romance covers. I adore this and it’s the perfect excuse to get around to reading it.


Happy Holidays

I know I already have Therese Beharrie on my list but her latest release is called His Princess by Christmas, could that be more fitting? It might be one of the first reads for this bingo card because I need something to attempt to get me in the holiday spirit.


Last Book Acquired

I was going to make this my most recent purchase on 1st December… but my most recent purchase is second in a series I’ve not actually started yet (don’t judge me) but I did go and purchased You Had Me At Hola when I finished formatting this post this morning so maybe that instead?


Audiobook or HEA

I have quite a few audiobooks I want to listen to but I saw The AI Who Loved Me on Jen’s recommendation post and I remembered I got that with an Audible credit a while ago so it’s a perfect time to listen.


Row 4

Blogger Rec

I was going to ask for recs for this post but then I figured I should choose a book I bought because of your guys reviews. One book on my list is Only When It’s Us because of Nick’s review of it. Then there is You Had Me At Hola because Vera told me about it a while back and I still haven’t got to reading.


Brown Eyes

I didn’t even try and hunt out a book for this, Jen’s rec post showed The Kingmaker is a good choice and I meant to read that book months ago (a year ago?) so that is my must read.


Small town Romance By AOC

Talia Hibbert immediately sprang to mind for this square, in particular her Ravenwood series. I tried to read the first book a couple of years ago and DNFed )a me issue, not the book. I wasn’t in the mood for it) and I retried reading that last week after drafting this post and loved it so I think I will make the next book in the series, Untouchable, my next read.



I wasn’t sure on this one. I thought about finding a wintery snow covered cover for my choice and then saw I had The Ex Games unread on my Kindle. I know the MCs are athletes in winter sports or something so it seemed fitting. I also have Booked For Christmas by Lily Menon as that is about the couple getting snowed in. Either will work.


F/F Contemporary

Didn’t even need to think on my choice for this one. I bought Written In The Stars pretty much as soon as it released. It’s a no brainer I’ll read this.


Row 5

Messy Characters

Jen’s post came to the rescue again with this and I will either try and read Stripped again (I DNFed it last time I tried to read but I think it was me and my mood more than anything) or I’ve got Speakeasy by Sarina Bowen on my Kindle.


Specific or Unusual Profession

Spoiler Alert is an option from Jen’s rec post and I have been dying to read it, it released during my slump so I need to pick it up. I also saw New Orleans Rush on my Kindle and I’m pretty sure that the romantic interest is a magician and that certainly counts as an unusual profession.



I’ve read so many books with lists and rules in but I needed to hunt out for one because I’d read the obvious picks. After searching my Kindle 10 Things I Hate About Pinky came up and the one MC is a list writer which totally fits.



I’ve got a couple of obvious music type books on my Kindle but I kind of wanted to choose ones less obvious. I do actually have a release from Mariana Zapata I’ve not read yet called Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin which I am pretty certain involves a band.




I have a million Jane Austen retellings I could pick for this one, I actually have Staci Hart’s Wasted Words which I think I got as a freebie so I’ll clear that off of my Kindle and read that.


And that is my TBR for the #SnowInLoveBingo so who wants to bet I don’t read any of them? Are you taking part in this? Do you prefer a shorter challenge like this?

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