Sunday Summary // 13.12.2020

13 December 2020

We’re in December and already blogging is taking a backseat. I had no doubt this would happen this month though. Even with our current restrictions on seeing other households Christmas still manages to take over a little. In my case, in the form of online shopping because I’ve not finished my Christmas shopping. My time on my laptop and online is spent browsing websites rather than writing posts and reading your blog posts which sucks because I’ve seen some really good posts pop up on my blog feed the past week. I suppose if I had better time management skills in my personal life this wouldn't happen but where’s the fun in that? I’ll just be stuck in playing catch up instead and really that is something I’m much more used to.


What have I been doing the past couple of weeks? Honestly, reading and working. Bit of TV thrown in to the mix. Work has gotten busier with training and work, probably because everyone is getting ready for Christmas. My team will just have me and another new starter working so it will be a case of the blind leading the blind. But how much can go wrong in the space of a couple of weeks? I really do think it’ll be ok, and I’m 2 and a bit months in, I sort of know what I’m doing at this point so I’ll be alright. Talking of work, it has weirdly helped me get slightly more into the Christmas spirit. They’ve been doing some challenges online to get us to win a Christmas hamper (everyone who takes part gets one). I’ve only done one but it has been fun to see the different challenges. They’ve also given us Christmas Eve off and given us vouchers as a bonus. It’s nice to actually have things to be excited about over Christmas I also watched Dash & Lily on Netflix and I think that helped a little.


Like I said, blogging has fallen on the back burner and it sucks. I’ve got half finished drafts for a couple of posts but I knew I wouldn’t have the time to finish them so they;’ve been hanging about waiting for me to finish. I’m hoping next week I’m better rested and have more time to blog. I do have a week’s worth of your posts to catch up on so it might take a while., Thankfully, I think everyone works a bit slower this time of year so it’s not as many posts as some weeks.


Then the only other thing to talk about is Taylor Swift’s new album, Evermore. I have been listening to that album on repeat. I am fully obsessed. If you haven’t listened to it already who even are you? My current favourites are tis the season, no body no crime and long story short.


What I’ve Been Reading

I started some of my #SnowInLoveBingo reads and most have been total winners. I already knew I liked Beautiful Wreck but it was great rereading it/ Well Met and Spoiler Alert were both amazing. I actually think Spoiler Alert could be a favourite of the whole year. The Ex Games wasn’t a total loss, I just expected a little more. It fell a bit flat compared to other Jennifer Echols reads. I’m currently buddy reading Thirteen Storeys with Vera which I have mixed feelings about. I tried the audio first but my head just wasn’t focused enough to pay attention to the book so I had to get the ebook instead which works a lot better for me. If it has a really good ending it’ll be a winner for me but it all hinges on how that book ends I think.


New To Me

Turns out I lied last time I did one of these posts, I had in fact bought books and I’d just forgotten so there are a few books here this week. I’ve even read a few and there will be more before the end of the month. I got a £50 Amazon gift card as part of some insurance I took out so I’ll be treating myself to some books (feel free to rec some of your favourite reads to me below).

And I even got one ARC. ARC requests are now reserved for only my most anticipated books and this one is from an author I’ve read since I was a teenager, Sarra Manning. Also, there’s a staffy rescue in this book and Milo is a staffy so you know I needed to read this (a staffy is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier in case you don’t know, I feel like it comes under the umbrella of pit bull in the US).


What have you been doing lately? Am I the only one finding ways to be busy when I can’t even go out and meet up with friends? And tell me some must buy books to treat myself with my gift card.

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