Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit (whether fictional or real)

14 October 2014

The Broke and the Bookish’s Top 10 Tuesday theme is interesting this week. I couldn’t miss it but I'm not convinced this is going to be my best post ever because if you can't tell this has been a bit rushed. I’m going to split this into two parts. The real section, of actual places I want to visit because books made me do it, and the fictional where I am annoyed the writers made them seems so realistic and it’s just not fair.
ttt prague
1. Prague, Czech Republic – I know you only really see Prague at the beginning of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and then you get to see the rest of the world, but the beautiful descriptions have made Prague one of my number one places to visit, I will go there and it will be beautiful, of that I am sure.
ttt Oxford
2. Oxford, UK – I want to visit  because of two books – The Bone Season and A Discovery of Witches. They both have very different versions of Oxford, but I would love to be able to get some perspective on the places described – I’m intrigued. I have been there, but I was about fifteen at the time and it was a school trip. I can’t say you appreciate places in the same way at that age as you do when you get older.
ttt New York
3. New York, USA – this city features in so many books and films it’s hard to pin point what originally made me want to go there, but the book which I have read most recently that makes me want to visit is The Diviners by Libba Bray, because to see the New York of the twenties would be absolutely fantastic.
ttt - copanhagen
4. Copenhagen, Denmark – I read a book once all about a man who inherits a second hand bookshop from his father. I was set in Copenhagen, and the thing that was so interesting was the fact that had amazing powers simply from the words they read. I can remember the specifics, but The Library of Shadows was such a fantastic read and the place sounded magical.
ttt hogwarts
5. Hogwarts, and the Wizarding World in general – I am sorry, but who doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts? JK Rowling made that place so real it hurts that it’s not. There is a reason I regularly reread the Harry Potter series, and it is because it’s the only way to get some of the magic back and return to that world.
ttt - old kingdom
6. The Old Kingdom from Garth Nix’s Abhorsen series, because despite the bad stuff that happened the entire world sounds so intriguing. I would love to visit Belisaere and see the magic of the world. The strange creatures and customs, the living and the dead roaming. It sounds fabulous.
ttt howlscastle
7. I’ve always wanted to explore Howl’s Moving Castle and that world, sure I’ve only read the first book, but from that single book I am so intrigued, because it’s so different.

8. I would love to visit the realms from Graceling. Most specifically, I would like to visit the Dells, with the monsters who are so beautiful, and so deadly.
ttt night circus
9. The Night Circus – I couldn’t decide if this one counted as fictional or not, but I would love to visit the Night Circus, to witness the magic of the place as described in the book.

10. Montmaray – I loved this book series and I loved Montmaray. I know the house was a wreck, there was no one living there and in general the place was in the middle of nowhere and a place no one wished to visit, but this i was of the few fictional places which felt so real that I could believe it was a place and it was a place I wanted to go to.

I did try to find pictures for the last two, but turns out there aren’t too many pictures of fictional worlds. Who knew? Sorry this is a bit of a slapdash post but I missed last weeks Top 10 Tuesday and I felt bad so I didn’t want to miss it again this week. Also, ace topic, how could I not daydream about places books have made me want to go, even if they are mostly fictional places.
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