Top Ten Horror Films That I Would Watch To Get In The Halloween Spirit

28 October 2014

The Broke and the Bookish are trying to get us into the Halloween spirit with this weeks theme. I am not a fan of Halloween, I’m British and Halloween is not a British holiday (one of my friends disputes this fact and calls me miserable) but I do not approve of this ridiculous idea of children going round asking for sweets, they’re my damn sweets and I don’t like sharing.

I do, however, love horror films. They are like my jam. I love Halloween time because there is always a load of horror films being released so it is cinema time for me. I know it’s not really book themed this week, I have sort of veered into the film thing, but I figure adapting once is fine, right? So this week I will be telling you my favourite scary movies for the Halloween season.

1. Cabin in the Woods

Okay, I don’t know if this fully counts as a horror film because it is sort of a satire of horror films in general, but it is so freaking awesome! Seriously, I have mentioned before Joss Whedon is my God, but he is an absolute genius for making this film. I was a bit wary before watching it, as much as I love Joss I did worry he may lead me astray with this horror film... I'm sorry I doubted.

2. Thir13en Ghosts

13 ghosts
This is one of those horror films that I know isn’t spectacular, but I watched it as a kid and I absolutely adore it. I remember I would watch it whenever it was on TV, despite the fact I knew exactly what would happen, and it was amazing. I don’t know what it was I loved. Maybe it was the whole alternative zodiac, maybe it was the glass house. Whatever it was it’s freaking awesome.

3. Stigmata

This is the first horror film I ever remember watching, I was at a friends house and it was probably around Halloween and we were having a sleepover. We found all the DVDs which were rated 15 or over and picked a scary one to watch. This film did not scare us but it was good, or I thought so anyway. I’ve always enjoyed horror films that have something to do with religion and demons and things like that. I don’t know why, but I find them fantastic, so I always enjoy watching this.

4. The Conjuring

I watched this in the cinema last year. Me and my friend sat there and it properly made us jump throughout. We kept thinking we knew what would happen, after all horror films are a bit formulaic, but we didn’t. Jumpy films are the best.

5. The Woman In Black

woman in black
I remember watching this at uni. Me and three of my house mates all curled up on one bed in multiple duvets. We were in pyjamas, it was probably raining outside (we lived in Lancaster, it’s always raining there) and I thought it wouldn’t be that scary, it made us jump, it was all about the suspense in this film. I love films like that, the ones all about the build up

6. Nightmare On Elm Street

I’m talking about the original films here, they were so freaking terrible, but they were hilarious. It was another series of films which we sat and watched at uni (we had a lot of free time, okay) and they were terrible, but it was so much fun to just sit and watch them. To be fair, they are quite old, so they will be ridiculous, they are the kind of films that help define a genre, they are perfect easy watching at Halloween for if you're not the biggest scary movie fan.

7. The Possession

This is just a film that I watched when I was in a horror film mood one week. I like Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I remember seeing it advertised on TV so when I saw it on Amazon Prime I figured why not? I’m glad I watched it, it was so interesting, and it made me jump. Sure, it was a bit ridiculous at times, but what horror film isn’t?

8. The Grudge

14 - 1
I’ve only ever seen the American remake of this film, I only watched that because Sarah Michelle Gellar was in it. Someone I know thinks this is the scariest films ever, the creepy kid freaks him out, I find this hilarious because The Grudge never really got to me, I do like it though.

9. Paranormal Activity

One friend from uni forced us all to watch this film, it properly freaked her out and she was all terrified about demons for days, she was already a bit of an insomniac so this made her sleep even less. I’m glad we watched it because it was a good film, the perfect level of suspense and things actually happening. I love all the Paranormal Activity films, even if they are a bit terrible

10. Resident Evil

Me and a friend go see the Resident Evil films every time a new one comes out. Who knew a film adaptation of a video game could be quite so good? I know they are just ridiculous action films with weird zombie things, but they are still awesome. I'm pretty sure the next film is the last one, which is a bit sad, but hopefully things will get wrapped up nicely.

So guys, please let me know… what’s your favourite scary movie?
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