Can You Reread as a Book Blogger?

08 November 2014

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I am not going to tell you how to find time to reread because that is something I struggle with at the moment. I want to reread, but how do you find the time when there are so many new releases? As a book blogger you try and stay up to date with books, you want to review new books for people and tell everyone what you’re reading. There are a ton of books I currently want to reread at the moment, I've even started one, but as a book blogger how do you stay current and relevant when all you want to do is reread old books?

It’s hard to justify rereading, it sometimes feels like a waste of time, despite the enjoyment you get from it, because  I know I can write reviews on books I’ve not reviewed on here before, and can make my rereading a part of my blog in a feature of some sort, but I’m a terrible book reviewer, my immediate response to a book is I like it. Reviews get boring when you like every book you read and I end up trying to force myself to think of intelligent reasons for why I liked a book. So, writing some other feature would make rereading a relevant thing to my blog rather than what sometimes feels like a wasted effort.

I suppose that’s the point isn’t it, you can easily find time to reread, especially if you make it relevant to your blog so the rereading doesn’t feel like a wasted effort. It’s not about needing to find time, it’s feeling comfortable with rereading. I love to reread things, it’s like seeing an old friend, it’s happy and comfortable because you know exactly what’s going to happen.

I don’t need to justify rereading to myself, I know this. Just because I have a book blog doesn’t mean it should control every area of my life. It’s easy to forget that when you want to post things and keep people reading, going over things you’ve already read won’t really interest other people, or at least it can feel like that, yet how many people do you know that love to watch things they’ve seen before, or have read Harry Potter ten million times since the release? Exactly, rereading is not a wasted effort, I only wish I had more hours in the day to read books so I could do it, especially when I’m not on top of my TBR list.

What are everyone’s thoughts on rereading then? I know there has been some convoluted rambling from me here, but I would love to hear (or read) some of your convoluted rambling on the topic.
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