Top Ten Characters You Wish Would Get Their OWN Book

09 November 2014

This weeks theme from the Broke and the Bookish is all about what characters you wish had gotten the spotlight and had their own book. I don’t know if I necessarily want a book for the characters I’ve chosen, but I think I would have liked to know more about them, gotten a chapter from their perspective or something. I couldn’t think of ten, again, but I went with however many characters I could think of that immediately sprang to mind.
ttt haymitch
I want to know about the games Haymitch was in and about how he survived, what he was thinking when he won. I want to know what happened to make him the man he was in The Hunger Games, what made him the angry drunk? I know it’s all implied and hinted at, but to actually read and know would be so nice. I just want to learn all about Haymitch because I think he was hard done by in the third book, I wanted more of him because I adore him.
ttt finnick
There are so many characters in The Hunger Games I wish had their own story, but the other one who I adored was FInnick Odair, because I know there was a greater story behind him and we only got to see glimpses of it. Finnick was such an interesting character, but that may partly because I find cocky pretty boys interesting, but I wanted to know Finnick, both the face he presented to the world and the real Finnick.
ttt marauders
I would like a Marauder’s Era Harry Potter book, as would half the HP fanbase, because I want to learn everything about Rowling’s characters. Even though they died, I would love to read about the first war and everything that happened to make them into the characters of Harry Potter’s era. I want to know about the wizarding world before war broke out, was it always continually brewing this war or was there a peaceful period whilst the marauders were at school?
ttt mogget
I loved Mogget in the Abhorsen trilogy, I’d love to know more about him I think. Honestly I’d love of everything in that series, especially with Clariel out, it’s renewed my teenage obsession with these books. I would love to read a book about the Clayr from the Abhorsen series, I would love to read books about life before the darkness and after and the periods in between and just learn about that world a little more. But Mogget, I want to know more about Mogget and the things he would have seen in his long life.
ttt Brimstone
In Daughter of Smoke and Bone you got mere glimpses of him, you heard parts of his story, but not enough. He deserved more of a backstory he came and went too soon for my liking, I know you found out more about him, but I do kind of wish you got more about him, he was such an interesting character. I want to know life from his perspective and why he made the decisions he did, why did he not lead more? Why did he make the decisions he did and keep the secrets he had? Were there more secrets he never had a chance to reveal?
ttt Calcifer
Calicifer was my favourite character in Howl’s Moving Castle, both in the film and the book. I want entire books written about him because he intrigues me. I know it would be difficult to write entire books about the Fire Demon, but I do wish there was more on him, just a scene from his perspective. I don’t know how interesting it would be, but it might quell my curiosity.
ttt po
I would have loved to have gotten his perspective of things, he was developed wonderfully as a character, but it would have been so nice to see how he viewed the world, especially with his grace. he was so interesting and I feel he never got his full chance to shine and grow as a character.

I can’t think of anymore characters, which annoys me, because I know there are characters in books I wanted more of. I do have a thing where I always want to know more about the fictional worlds, like I would love to know more about the wizarding world in Harry Potter, have it all fleshed out about career options, the education of wizards before they go to school, and how different houses spend their freetime, but I literally can’t think of any more characters I want a book for.
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