Sunday Summary 16.11.2014

16 November 2014

Sunday Summary
oh god i've missed you never leave me again
So, I'm bringing this back because I've missed it and because I've been such a rubbish blogger that I'm sure you guys might appreciate hearing my excuses. I've not been posting much both due to both sheer laziness, my forgetting to schedule posts so even when I do have posts written they are just getting left in my drafts folder and also because I've lost some of my motivation. I've fallen into a small reading slump where I'm only reading one or two books a week, which is nothing for me. This then leaves me with nothing to review and feeling unimaginative and unmotivated as I get tempted to repeat my self. I've gotten some discussion posts up recently, which are really more my thoughts and ramblings on a topic but I've enjoyed writing those because I enjoy nothing more than telling people what I think. I haven’t gotten as much written as I’ve wanted to though, and I don’t know what’s causing it.

This week I've been even more distracted than usual because I began my Christmas shopping, I know that dreaded word. Now, before you go accusing me if being a scrooge, I’m not, I like Christmas. I like the Christmas tree and gathering in a cosy warm house with your family eating good food and giving gifts, but going anywhere with shops at Christmas is ridiculous. Everywhere is ridiculous and crowded and all the people pushing. I hate it and it makes me so angry because people tend to suck at this time of year.
A prime example of the rudeness of people at Christmas is my trip to Solihull yesterday. Me and a friend decided to go on a little adventure to shop somewhere we had never been before, this trip was to Solihull as we heard there was both a House of Fraser and a John Lewis, both shops we don’t have local to us. Now, we went on a Saturday, so I expected the crowds of people, especially as we are getting so close to Christmas, what I didn’t expect is people to be quite so rude.

You would be walking along and people wouldn’t move even the slightest if you were walking towards them and the path was crowded. They would cut across you when walking to get to whatever shop they wanted to go to, screw whether or not that could lead to a collision when walking. One woman, I was walking towards her, I attempted to move out of her way and assumed she would move the other way to prevent a collision, as it was really busy  and there was absolutely nowhere else for me to walk so it would be the polite thing to do, but she didn’t even attempt to move. She shoulder barged me instead, like proper American football style it felt like. My friends was shocked, she said it looked like it really hurt, now I was fine, but I was fed up from that point forward, and this happened very early on in my little shopping adventure. I cannot cope with intentionally rude people, if you unintentionally knock into someone you say sorry, I do, but this woman didn’t even react to it. It was ridiculous. And that is my story of anger for the week, I’m sure there will be more as we head into the Christmas period.
Back on to bookish things. As I said. I've only read two books this week and even the second one I've only started and not finished. I don't know what it is. Yes Please was such a different book for me to read, which was really refreshing and I think made me enjoy it more, but by the end I was totally ready for a fun easy read that wasn’t about real people, which is why I started The Glass Magician. I read the first book, The Paper Magician, at the end of last month and really enjoyed it. It was a quick and fun YA fantasy read that I finished in a couple of days, I’m hoping the same will be true of this one. I do love me a good fantasy book, and these books totally make me want to start doing origami. Read and you’ll understand.
I’ve been listening to Foo Fighters Sonic Highways this week, after discovering the documentary on the album on iPlayer. There are five episodes up so far, so watch them if you get a chance. It’s been fun and seriously interesting. Maybe the TV watching is partly why my reading is so slow, there have been a few TV shows which have started up that I’ve been watching, there has been David Attenborough with another wonderful documentary, Life Story. It’s on iPlayer, watch it. Then there has been The Blacklist, Arrow, The Flash and various other shows on Sky which I’ve simply has to watch, so there have been less hours of me sitting around at my laptop unoccupied, could be the cause of some blogging laziness.

Anyway, next week I vow to be a better blogger. I will attempt to avoid being angered by Christmas shopping, instead trying to reach a state of calm to avoid some major bitching about how much people suck, and I will attempt to read more. That sounds reasonable, right? Also, tell me about your week or about your stories of people being awful whilst shopping, or being nice, because that can happen as well.

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