Quarterly(ish) Challenge Catch Up

02 May 2016

I actually intended to write this in March (oops?) but somehow life and many other blog posts (and books) got in the way and this poor post was forgotten about.

I wanted to make sure I kept everyone in the loop about resolution and challenge progress as that is the done thing. I’d contemplated monthly updates, but that seemed ridiculous as I am terrible at challenges so I’m unlikely going to have much to say each month. Each quarter was more sensible and already I’ve fallen behind.

Let us forget about me forgetting about writing this post and move on to looking at my progress in my challenges and resolutions for myself in 2016. Let’s look at how successful I’m being with my resolutions  (or how badly I’m failing, as the case may be).

  • I want to read at least 100 books: I am well on my way to achieving this one, I’ve already read 65 books according to GoodReads (which doesn’t include rereads).
  • I want to read more widely: Well, I have probably epically failed thus far. I suppose I can count The Other Me and The Song of Achilles as ventures outside of my comfort zone and I enjoyed both books.
  • I want to cut my TBR pile in half: Erm… the less said about this one the better, I think.
  • I want to review more books: I think I’m doing quite well on this one. I have multiple reviews sat in my drafts folder with more I want to write and I’ve stopped finding them so awkward to write. I just word vomit my thoughts onto the screen and attempt to create a coherent review from that.
  • I want to use social media a bit more: Erm… I’ve taken part in a couple of Twitter chats? I try and browse Twitter and retweet things more. I’m no expert, but I am trying.
  • I want to reread more books: I’ve re-read 4 books so far this year… not really on track for 30 books but it’s okay, I suppose.

Reading Challenges

I am doing two reading challenges this year, the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge and the Popsugar Reading Challenge. Both are intended to help me read more widely and basically try different things. The picture below shows my two lists I’m keeping to keep track (along with my spreadsheet). According to the spreadsheet I’m keeping I’m on track with my Popsugar challenge but I’m behind when it comes to the Book Riot one. I’m not surprised by this, they are difficult and I have gotten most of the easy categories out of the way already.

I’m not upset at how I’m progressing currently. I decided to take a leisurely pace on this anyway. I wanted to read as I normally would for the first few months and then look at my progress and strategise. I think I will reassess at the 6 month mark and decide what books to read next.

And I am also participating in the Discussion Challenge for 2016 and I am successfully getting at least one discussion up a month, which is all I aimed for. I’m liking the variety it provides on my blog and can honestly say this is one challenge I’m not concerned about.

What are your thoughts on my progress? Should I be focusing more on completing them or continuing at the leisurely pace I’ve adopted so far? And do you have any good suggestions for books to read?
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