Sunday Summary // 01.05.2016

01 May 2016

Sunday Summary
This week was long and fast at the same time (is that a thing?). It was slow to begin with due to it being a slow week at work (do you know how boring it is to be chasing items to appear on accounts?) but then it has gone quite quickly for who knows what reason. It may have been because I have effectively spent my pay cheque before actually getting paid it. I actually invested in new clothes (I am a terrible clothes shopper) and I tried a new used books website and they’re all used library books so I feel like I’m helping. It’s actually quite awesome.

Can we all take a moment to talk about the weather? I spent Monday really confused and I am convinced it is still winter. You see, one Monday we experience all the weather. We had rain, snow, sleet, hail, a thunderstorm and it was windy as hell. I have spent all week freezing cold and digging out my cardigans and jumpers and generally feeling like hibernating under blankets. I don’t think it’s helped that everyone at work is coming down with colds and so I’ve been downing orange juice in the delusion vitamin C will protect me.

It’s a bank holiday weekend so I fully plan to sleep the rest of the weekend away waiting for warm weather to arrive. Let’s move on to my books.

What I’ve Been Reading

I was in a romance mood at the beginning of the week so read Off The Hook and enjoyed it, I then wanted to continue the Mercy Thompson series and Blood Bound was the perfect book for that moment. It was back to some more romance in the YA contemporary Learning to Live, it was exactly what I needed. I then fell into a weird bookish slump, I just didn’t know what to read next so I sampled books until I stopped on The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet and I am enjoying it, although it’s giving me a strong urge to rewatch Firefly.

New To Me

I went a bit overboard with the shopping for books (again). I had to buy Eligible because it was part of Amazon’s deal of the week in books. As for the rest, The Book of Phoenix was cheap for my Kindle and I knew I was going to read Blood Bound immediately. My other four purchases were bought last week and they were the first few books I’ve bought from Better World Books. They are all book I’ve been wanting to read but haven’t gotten around to yet and so I totally took advantage of trying a new website at the same time.

What have you been up to? Has anyone else been attacked with crazy weather? And which of my new books should I read first?
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