Happy Thoughts // The Living Alone Edition

18 June 2016

I haven’t done another of these posts and I really loved the idea! This time it’s a post to remind me that just because I’ve not spoken to another human being today and just because it’s raining outside it’s okay. Also, I need something to help get me through work on Monday because I’ve not been in for 10 days and I do not feel motivated to return outside of my need to be paid.

1. Spending Time Alone

This is probably a really strange thing to include in a post about being happy, but I am actually enjoying having time to myself.

What you need to know about me is I am not a very social person. I have a very small select group of friends who I try and see whenever I get the chance (they are social butterflies… I am the odd one out). I don’t like to do many things in one week, though. It exhausts me to be doing too much in one week so this time spent living alone has been refreshing. Spending time with my family exhausting like it can with my friends but there is always the expectation that you do your bit within the set time frame in my mother's mind and if it’s not done someone inevitably gets annoyed.

I’ve enjoyed doing things at my own pace when I felt like it. I’ve liked spending days in my pyjamas and making the decision that bananas and custard for tea is definitely an appropriate meal. It’s nice to leave my dishes to pile up for days as I am too lazy to wash up. It’s just nice to do things at my own pace and spend time with me. Sure, I’ve spent nights convinced someone is breaking into the house as I’ve heard a noise downstairs, but that’s normal, right?

2. Fanfiction Is An Awesome Addiction

I have been reading a whole heap of fanfiction lately. I’ve not been able to settle on what book exactly I want to read. I mean, I’ve been reading, but fanfiction has been feeding that ridiculous romance/drama/angst/fluff quota I have when it comes to reading.

I have been fanfiction for everything as well. I have a lot of TV shows I read fanfiction for, and not all of them are shows which I still watch, but fanfiction fills my craving. I’ve been reading Hawaii Five-0, X-Men and The 100 fanfiction mainly and it has been fabulous.

Have I mentioned my fanfiction addiction before? I should probably do a blog post on it at some point because fanfiction is what filled my reading cravings for years before I rediscovered my love of books. I will forever be grateful for fanfiction feeding my cravings.

3. The Library Is Awesome

library 2
I know I’ve mentioned my return to library borrowing before, but I seriously love it. I love the fact I can reserve books from any of the branches of the library and have them sent to my local one so I can read that book I just haven’t gotten around to buying yet. I love most of my library browsing can be done online for those books I absolutely have to read and then I can casually browse when I go to collect my reserved books.

I have discovered a potential new favourite author from going to the library and read some books I may never have gotten around to buying. I love the freedom of reading, although I do feel pressured to read what I borrow which is something I never feel

4. Binge Watching Is Way Better Than Binge Drinking

I have become a bit of a binge watcher whilst I’ve had the freedom to watch what I like on TV. I’ve been indulging in the Sky Boxsets and have been binge watching Hawaii Five-0. I know it’s not a typical binge watching show. It’s not like I’ve been sat catching up on Walking Dead or Friday Night Lights, but I’ve loved it. I’ve seen bits of the show before anyway, but now I’m hooked. I want to know what happens with McGarrett and Danno and I can’t stop watching.

I think part of it is Alex O’Loughlin with his shirt off… but the main motivation (outside of objectifying men) is that Danny Williams (Scott Caan) is my spirit animal. His angry tirades remind me of myself so much it’s scary. Both me and my brother are in the habit of ranting loudly about things we don’t actually care about as much as our tone of voice would imply. It’s a family trait and I see it n Danny on the show and it makes me happy.

5. A Film A Night Keeps The Doctor Away

This one happened simply because the quiet has been too loud at home so I’ve wanted the TV on to keep some background and to distract me. Anyway, it’s been really nice watching films I’ve been meaning to watch for a while and old favourites as well. I recently got Deadpool and Star Wars (the new one… I still need to get the other two trilogies for myself as my brother selfishly took his copies with him when he moved out) on Blu-Ray so it was nice re-watching both of those. I finally got around to watching If I Stay and cried like a baby. I’m just watching things I’ve somehow convinced myself I didn’t have time to previously.


There you have it. These are the things which have been making a smile appear on my face over the past couple of weeks. I mean, outside of me not having been to work for about 10 days. These are the things I will need to remind myself of when I have to go back into the office on Monday.

What’s been making you happy lately? What’s been putting a smile on your face, spring in your step, and generally just brightening up your day? And has anyone else being watched a show which isn’t strictly binge-watchable or am I a special flower?
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