Sunday Summary // 05.06.2016

05 June 2016

Sunday Summary
Hi guys, how’s your Sunday going? Is the weather nice where you are? I’m writing this on Saturday but the weather is meant to be lovely here today so I may be brave and venture into my garden with a nice book (whilst doing laundry).

You should all know that my parents have officially abandoned my for their holidays this week. They arrived safely in Kuala Lumpur and have preceded to post nice pictures on Facebook to make me jealous.  I turned into a parent when I was complaining that I could see their flight had landed but my mom hadn’t text me to let me know they got their safely. It’s like she wants to worry me!

My abandonment does mean I may not be as active on the blog and the interwebs over the next week as I need to do all the household chores as opposed to some and I am exhausted when I come home from work. But I'll see how it goes.

Let me tell you, all I’ve learnt so far being here alone is that it’s great watching what you want on TV, it’s nice not to be judged if you come home from work and immediately put your pyjamas on and that sleeping with a dog and cat in bed is not conducive to sleeping. My cat has taken to waking me about 3 am because he wants to purr in my ear, lick my hair, and try and convince me to give him more food or water. The dog is slowly becoming my favourite because at least he only kicks you in his sleep and hogs the bed. Basically, I am really tired and I miss lie-ins.

This week has been pretty relaxing, all things considered. I mean, I can say I have seen no one outside of work or my family this week, but that is more down to friends going away and the fact it’s half term week more than anything else. I have just spent my time at home trying to soak up some quality time with my parents before the abandoned me (I may also have been attempting to subtly imply that they are required to get me a souvenir from all the countries they go to). I have just been relaxing really, which has left plenty of time for reading.

What I’ve Been Reading

It was a very good reading week this week. This is mostly because I read a lot on bank holiday Monday. I finished The Unexpected Everything Monday morning and then preceded to read two more books. One of the books I read was a short book by Neil Gaiman which was the fairytale I wish I could have read as a child. Then there was Ask Me Anything which was an uncomfortable and shocking read I simply couldn’t put down. I then read One The Fence and Sing (I liked one more than the other). I’m still reading What If? and The Walled City so I’ll let you know.

New To Me

I have only purchased one new book and that was my pre-order of Summer Days, Summer Nights, the rest are the books I reserved from the library. Also, my brother let me borrow What If? because I’ve been wanting to read it for a while. The science goes over my head a little bit, but what I do understand is fascinating.

And there you have it. What have you been reading lately? And have you been woken up by anything unusual lately?
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