Sunday Summary // 19.06.2016

19 June 2016

Sunday Summary
Does anyone else miss the days of lie-ins? I do. I slept until after 8am one day and I felt like throwing a party to celebrate… but I was too tired. I really miss sleeping late. I have learnt I do not want pets when I move out. Or if I do it will be a very independent cat who doesn’t stare creepily at me at 3am.

Anyway onto my week outside of sleeping. I’m not going to claim to have done anything interesting this week. I’ve seen a couple of friends (under duress because really all I want to do is read and watch Hawaii Five-0) but I’ve mostly just been stuck at home. The being stuck at home part is because of the torrential rain we’ve had over the week. Streets were flooded and rivers reaching dangerously high levels kind of rain. I mean, no one wants to go out in that kind of weather, but especially not me.

I have done some things, though. They mostly involved me seeing a friend for a few hours after she finished work and staying up way letter than we planned and then going to my local shopping centre with my friend who came up from London yesterday. I managed to not buy books even though my brain was screaming at me to and she managed to get an outfit for a friends wedding.

What I’ve Been Reading

As you can see, it’s been a productive week of reading whilst I’ve not been at work. I probably would have read more if it hadn't been for my new found addiction to Hawaii Five-0. It’s probably a good thing I haven’t because I’m already behind enough with reviews I want to write, adding more books into review wouldn’t be the best plan. The highlight of the reading week is looking to be Young Widows Club but I’ll let you know once I’ve finished it.

New To Me

I don’t know how this one happened. I think it’s a combination of book swaps and the fact a book order I placed last month finally arrived. I planned to get way more reading done to try and offset this bookish haul, but that didn’t happen. I am excited about all my new books, though.

How has everyone’s week been? Did anyone else have ridiculous weather? Does anyone else choose to hibernate when they face adverse weather and a few days off of work?
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