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05 March 2018

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Hi guys! So… I’ve kind of took an unintended hiatus and liked it. We all need a break now and then and I obviously needed a break. It wasn’t planned but I actually enjoyed just enjoying reading, and watching TV and not thinking about blogging for a couple of weeks. I mean, I thought about blogging last week and then… I just didn’t do any. The chance to do the things I want without the constant presence of my blog and the work needed on it was nice.

Why Did The Hiatus Happen?

I was gone for another of reasons. Partly, it was exhaustion from work… but that can only be an excuse for the one week I was at work, I also had a week off of work and I didn’t fancy blogging then either. It wasn’t just being exhausted from work, though. It was also real life things. One the weekend I should have had my author afternoon tea some things went down with my friend and she needed friend support so that didn’t happen. Instead, I spent my time with her and sadly missed out on meeting some of my favourite authors. I think that got me down a bit too and put me off of blogging. I was where I needed to be, no regrets, I love my bestie, but we can all be disappointed, you know? Anyway, when I missed out on a bookish thing I think I wanted to blog less.

I figured, I had a week off of work after that, during that time my blogging mojo was bound to be reignited, right? Wrong! Instead, I just fancied doing everything but blogging and I certainly didn’t want to force myself to blog, that is not how I’ve done it during my four years of blogging and I didn’t plan to start doing that now. By the end of my week off I finally started to feel the blogging itch again and figured, after two weeks of reading, watching TV and game playing it was time to embrace another hobby I love… but changes need to happen.

Why Am I Coming Back And What Changes Need To Be Made?

So, I knew I wanted to come back and I knew I needed to write a little explanation for you guys while I crack my fingers and figure out what to write about. This post doesn’t mean I am back right this second, but I am coming back.

Thing is, I know things needs to be changing because sometimes I think about blogging and it plain old makes me feel exhausted because there is so much work involved. I spend 11 hours a day out of the house Monday to Friday and I need 8 hours of sleep, that leaves me with 5 hours for me, and some of that has to be spent getting ready for work and doing chores and such so I simply do not have the time to spend blogging as I might wish, Especially because I don’t want my weekends to be all blogging.

So what am I changing? I plan to blog less, it sucks but guys, life is necessary. I’m gonna do more reviews in a single post and I am basically gonna concentrate on making it manageable, especially since I can’t blog as much as I used to and keep up to date with all your blogs too. I used to be able to do it but I have other stuff to focus on so I need to make my blog grow with me. I think that is something I have been forgetting of late. It’s what I want and it’ll make me happier I’m sure.

Anyone else taken an unintended hiatus and learnt a few things from it? And how have you guys made your blog grow with you?
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