Sunday Summary // 18.03.2018

18 March 2018

Sunday Summary
I am somehow convinced these Sunday posts may be the only posts I manage to get up… although if I get time I have a rave review I want to post for a book I’ve read recently so fingers crossed I have more tie to sit with my computer (I can’t believe I actually want to sit with my computer more for once, I normally want to get away from it). I am also utterly fed up of the snow which keeps hitting the UK. We never get any and now we’re getting snow in the middle of March! I’m not normally one to wish for summer (I do not cope well in really warm weather, I am to pale for that) but I actually want warm weather even though I will hate it.

Let’s begin this week by telling you all I am officially a travel jinx. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such a jinx but I am officially a travel jinx. My week began well, no major issues until I came to try and catch the bus home after going into the supermarket after work. I was stood at the stop, a bus pulled in but not the one I was waiting for. I could see mine approaching. O grabbed my bags all ready to get on… and the bus drove pass me because the one I didn’t want was in the way and they couldn’t see me! It sucked and it meant hanging out in the cold and the rain but no big deal. I ignored it until I came to catch the train home Tuesday and they were all delayed! There were trespassers on the rail and lengthy delays happened for everyone so it took me two hours to get home. I was angry but it wasn’t so bad. My travel woes were tame things like late buses on Wednesday and I figured my troubles were over. Until I turned up to the station Thursday morning and all the trains are delayed because of a broken down train on the rail! I got to work on time but I stood waiting for a train for 45 minutes! And then I left work and my train got cancelled! And the same thing happened to me Friday coming home with another cancelled train. I don’t know what I did to offend the travel gods but I’m hoping my journey to and from work is better next week because it’s still too cold outside for hanging around a train platform.

This week has been another crazy hectic one (outside of travel woes). Nothing major has happened with me but I feel like there’s been loads going on around me. It’s another weekend of clearing out my nan’s. This weeks prize is both an old gramophone my brother says was my great-granddad's which is pretty awesome. Doesn’t have the typical gramophone horn but instead comes in a case. We also found an awesome little camera in the loft. It looks like it still has film in it but after some googling turns out the film is discontinued. I am still figuring out the logistics of it but I am now eager to give the camera a shot… even though I am terrible at remembering to take photos. Maybe I can be a hipster camera person?
So yeah, a frustrating week happened as some things went down in my best friend’s world so I have spent so much time with her and she is going to be taking up a whole bunch of time for a while. I’m not complaining, I love that girl, but in case you think I have something major going on it’s because I’m being there for a friend.

What I’ve Been Reading

Virgin TerritoryChaotic Good Comps14.inddShatter Me
So I’ve not been sure what I’ve wanted to read this week so it’s not a lot and I am still reading Shatter Me even though it’s a really short book. Virgin Territory was a great romance, it was easy and I liked it. It had serious notes in it but as a whole it was just a great romance and an easy read. I then started Chaotic Good. That book probably would have been read way faster if it hadn’t been continually raining outside so I didn’t want to chuck it in my bag an the way to work to get damaged. That was a surprising read with a strong feminist note wrapped in an adorable fluffy bundle. I loved it. And then there’s Shatter Me. I actually began reading that Sunday and wasn’t in the mood for it. I went back to it after reading Virgin Territory and was more in the mood for it but got distracted by Chaotic Good. And now I’m reading it again after Chaotic Good and I’m not sure what I’m in the mood to read any more. We’ll see, everyone is telling me to read it so I’m determined because there isn’t anything I don’t like about it, you know?

New To Me

ShadowblackThe Epic Crush of Genie LoOsidio
I once more bought more than I read but I think I’ll begin a month of no new books for April. my readings slowed down anyway so unless I preorder it I can maybe focus on getting through a few books. But I’m happy with every new book I’ve got so no regrets! I hope to get to them all soon but soon is such a relative term for readers. Soon really means in the next two to ten years I will read these books.

Anyone else suffering with more snow? Is it a sign of old age that I no longer get excited about snow? And what books have you read lately?
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