Monthly Wrap Up // May 2018

02 June 2018

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Hi all and welcome to the end of May/start of June. I know, my grand plans for the month were shattered because I am lazy and did not blog as much as I definitely should. I haven;t read as many blog posts as I should. I haven’t read as much books as I wanted to. Basically, I’ve slacked a lot but whatever. I had fun while I was doing it.

Since I’ve not given you guys my weekly update I figure this will be the update for the month. What have I been up to? Honestly… not a whole lot. I went to Birmingham Pride with some friends from work and it was certainly an experience. We missed a lot of the parade because crowds are totally not my thing but I saw pictures afterwards and it looks like a missed a whole heap of fun. Instead, I spent that time drinking a couple of cocktails to prepare me to be plunged into large crowds of drunk people. The day wasn’t everything I expected but it was still really fun. I went on waltzers and fair rides and had a few drinks and it was great. I spent most of the day there before trekking home on the train at about 9ish. No late night for me, there were too many people for me to relax fully which sucks.

Erm… apart from that I honestly haven’t done a whole lot of late. Not anything that stands out, I’m going to see Taylor Swift this June so I’m kind of saving for that and also planning for going on holiday in September. I’m also on a  campaign to convince my friend to go to a festival with me because I figure this is a thing I need to do before I turn 30. I figure we go big or go home and do something like Glastonbury but we’ll see. my wish to go to a festival would be surprising to most considering I am not a fan of camping but these are the things you have to do to try new things.

On to books and blogging?

Can’t Stop Listening

What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get? // Snow Patrol
Dammit // Jesse Daniel Smith
Delicate // James Bay (I really like covers, okay?)
Hunger // Florence + the Machine

May Reads

Shelter in PlaceAftermathChasing TruthHiding LiesOne Night Wife29748925A Hunger Like No Other
No separation into ratings this month. I’ve not read enough to really justify the extra work. I think my favourite books of this month were One Night Wife and Strange the Dreamer, both very different books. I’m still stuck in a slump and no matter how many new books I get I just can’t figure out what I want to be reading. The eternal curse of a reader, right? It does mean I’ve vowed no more ARCs for a while. I can’t cope with the added stress putting me off reading.

May Posts

And there is my May. It’s less than most months but I won’t be sorry for it (I’m a little bit sorry) but sometimes less is more and all that. I have got a couple of posts all planned out. And maybe a couple of reviews I’ve put off writing, but whenever I do that I forget what I thought about the book a couple of hours late. Damn that book amnesia.

What have you been up to? Anything exciting happen in May or are you like me and have been a bit boring?
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