Sunday Summary // 13.01.2019

13 January 2019

Sunday Summary
Hi all and I have returned to a Sunday! or at least, I’m attempting to occasionally pop in on a Sunday because I like our little catch ups. I planned to pop back last weekend but life… the world… good books got in the way. It’s the eternal struggle of a blogger I suppose.

Anyway, how have you all been? You can fill me in on any excitement in the comments. I wish I could say I’ve got excitement to fill you guys in but I’m stuck in the January slump of not wanting to spend money after the excessive spending in the run-up to Christmas. I’m also attempting to get organised and be a proper grown up this year which means making plans, not spending like crazy and trying to plan for the future. It’s all very boring and all I really want to think about is where to go on holiday this year? I feel like all I want to do is shop and eat on this holiday so suggestions for good locations will always be appreciated. I’m sort of tempted to convince my mom to go back to NYC with me but is it too soon to return? I didn’t see whole chunks of the city after all.

The theme of the past week has been the boredom of work, trying to catch up with friends and making plans for cocktails. It’s been exciting, and I think the talk of cocktails has probably been the thing which has been getting me through the week and I don’t even get rewarded with them until next weekend! They will be homemade cocktails so wish me luck because that could go horribly wrong. It’ll be fun though because I feel like the past few times I’ve seen friends it’s been way too serious, it’ll be nice just be silly and have a laugh and curl up in my bed afterwards with a slightly sore head the next day.

I’ve been struck with the lurgy this week. It came on all of a sudden with a cough, a blocked nose and a sore throat so I’ve also been roaming around feeling sorry for myself as I wake myself up each night coughing. It came on all of a sudden though so I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’ll shift it just as fast. I am not very good at not being well and then I start complaining worse than folks with man flu. It’s embarrassing really but you know I don’t actually feel that bad if I’m complaining, it’s when I’m quiet folks should get concerned.

The only other exciting thing happening lately is I’ve started watching Luther and I don’t know why I waited so long to start this series. I am in love with Idris Elba already and I am loving all the shades of grey this show is putting me through. I love morally grey characters it seems.

What I’ve Been Reading

257505463Trust the WolfNext Year in HavanaThe One You Fight ForLast Good Man
These are the reads from the beginning of the year. I have to say, my reading year has been pretty good although I tried to pick up one ARC twice and didn’t make it past the first page which I’m taking as a sign that it may need to be DNF-ed but I know I’ve not given it a fair chance so third time will either be the charm or the last nail in the coffin for that.

Anyway, I began my year continuing my reread of Act Like It because I did not finish before the end of 2018 and I adored every page. I read a physical copy which I always feel a little awkward over because I bought it used (why were more copies of that book not publisher?) but my copy is signed with a personalised message which is not to me. I feel a little sad for whoever it belonged to every time. I then read Trust the Wolf which I was sent by the lovely Zoe Ashwood and I’ve spent a lot of time stewing on my thoughts after finishing and I can now safely say I enjoyed it a lot and cannot wait for the next book. I’ll write a full review on that soon. I had another hit in the form of Next Year in Havana (why were you not throwing that book at me to read?) and then I read The One You Fight For which was also amazing and now I’m reading a freebie read of Last Good Man. It’s a little OTT and I’ve noticed one continuity issue as I swear a ring was put on the right hand but I’ve just read that it’s now on the left but I really am enjoying it all the same. It’s some serious hate to love going on.

The star of the last two weeks is definitely Next Year in Havana but damn I’ve had an excellent start to the year.

New To Me

Smoke and SummonsKill The QueenThe One You Fight For Best of LuckThe Beach Wedding
I’ve been quite strict with myself on the book buying front. I mean, one of these books was a preorder and two were freebies. That is not bad really. I’m also attempting to do a new thing of reading the first few pages if there’s a sampler for a book before buying because I never do that and sometimes I end up with a book where the writing style is totally not me and I question what on earth I was thinking. Smoke & Summons was my Kindle First book and I joined the Romance Read-of-the-Month Club which was emailed about in Sarina Bowen’s newsletter last month, but the first freebie was The Beach Wedding which is only a short read so I figured why not? As for the other three? Well they were obviously on the must buy list, I had The One You Fight For preordered and I thought I’d pre-ordered Best of Luck but obviously hadn’t so picked up a copy.
The Wicked KingSerious MoonlightAppetites & Vices
I also got a couple of ARCs and free copies. I was thrilled to get a finished copy of The Wicked King but I kind of want to reread The Cruel Prince before starting it. I also got approved for a copy of Serious Moonlight (I actually prefer the UK cover on this one) and way back when I saw Nick talk about Appetites & Vices so I requested an arc and I got approved like a month later. Go me!

And that is my time lately. What have you been up to? Any good books? And seriously, suggestions for holiday destinations would be appreciated because I am a terrible decision maker.
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