Sunday Summary // 27.01.2019

27 January 2019

Sunday Summary
Now a lot of you were eager to have a work gossip update because you lot are as bad as I am, you want to gossip and eat cake. Well, the source of our gossip last week was centred around Christmas holidays and managers being hypocrites. There was also someone who was using potential lies as an excuse for making mistakes. Both of those are ongoing but are gossiping ways were all good until Friday (it always happens on a Friday) when all the drama occurred.

First off, we totally got paid late. The anthem of Friday is below:

We obviously spent a lot of Friday obsessively checking our bank accounts and waiting for an update on when our wages would appear. Let me tell you, a party was about to be thrown Friday afternoon when my bank balance showed the appropriate amount of 0s… or you know, any money in it really.

My good mood was shattered by certain people being dirty hypocrites (again). Did I ever tell you about the time my colleagues and I were pulled up on apparently excluding others from our department? Probably not because this might have occurred during my hiatus. But it happened and we didn't think we were doing that but obviously apologised and made an effort to make sure folks didn't feel that way... then the dickheads have repeatedly excluded us instead (why yes, they are ugly hypocrites and why yes I am still pissed about it). But we still tried to be friendly and be the bigger people. And then Friday afternoon after we'd emailed asking if they wanted to enter a work charity event as a team they replied saying they'd already entered as their own team and hadn't even thought to ask us. Well, I'm all like hell no bitches I will rip your hair out in the carpark. Considering our supervisor pulled us out like children to tell us off because they felt hurt by our actions I am not even up for their hypocritical bullshit. I don't care that I've descended to playground mentality I want it brought up especially as their supervisor was aware of their actions. I am so done.

So yeah.

I bet you're all now sorry you asked.

But apart from workplace bullshit, I’ve had a good week. I've been buying all the films because it's Mega Movie Week so I've seen a few films this week, including Rough Night and Skyscraper and I have Crazy Rich Asians waiting for me to watch. Have you guys seen the Fyre Festival doc? I watched it Saturday and what is that craziness? How did that even happen? This is the toxic nature of things like Instagram and that. It just reminded me of that Twitter thread I keep checking back up one with that Instagram influencer and her 'lectures'. There are so many scams now where we are promised the lie of the ideal perpetuated on Instagram and social media in general. It’s just sad really and hopefully, this era of social media will end because I am so not up for folks continually selling the lie.

To comfort myself in my ridiculous week I’ve not only been movie shopping, but I have also ordered the prettiest boots which will.hopefully arrive next week. The picture is below so fingers crossed they arrive soon. I can't wait to stare at my sparkly feet.

What I’ve Been Reading

What Happens in ScotlandWait for ItSandman Vol 1
I think I've had a pretty good reading week. I mean, I've genuinely enjoyed everything I've read lately. I was fancying some historical romance at the start of the week and almost reread some Tessa Dare but decided to do a browse of my unread Kindle books and discovered What Happens In Scotland which I bought in April 2017! I am glad I read it because it was a very enjoyable read, I have a few other books by her as well so I need to start those! I then decided to read another book which has been on my Kindle for far too long, Wait For It. I should never put off reading Mariana Zapata books, they may be long but I always love them. The queen of slowburn struck again and it was such a hit for me. But now I’m in that weird ‘I’ve read an awesome book and have no clue what I want to read next’ funk. I did pick up Sandman Vol 1 in the hope that a good graphic novel would cleanse my palate a little. It didn’t put it was good and it’s always good to use my Kindle Unlimited subscription. My luck with two older books on my shelves has made me want to write a post on other books I’ve put off reading and see if I enjoy them as much too.

New To Me

Amazon is doing a Valentine’s Day sale (I know, we’re still in January, but who am I to say no to romance?) and I saw Outlander on there. I have read Outlander, I, in fact, own a physical copy of Outlander, but it’s just easier to read long books in ebook format I think. And obviously, I borrowed a book and actually read it!
I Owe You One
There was only one ARC for this week as well. I need to read it before the start of February so maybe I should make this my next read? But as soon as I thought that this instantly became the last book I wanted to read. Sophie Kinsella always writes fun romances, I’ve not read the past few releases from her so I’m excited to come back and read another.

How has your week been? Am I being dramatic and immature about those work colleagues leaving us out? And recommend books to me, maybe I’ll discover what I fancy reading next.
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