Sunday Summary // 03.02.2019

03 February 2019

Sunday Summary
How did I manage to go a whole week without a post being written? So, I wrote two posts this afternoon/evening (I’m trying this up Saturday) but considering this is one of the posts, yeah, don’t expect a mass of posts from me for a week or so. That’s all I’ll say. I’ve been busy doing nothing. The cold weather has gotten to me a little, I think. We certainly haven’t had it as bad as some folks in the US (wrap up warm and stay inside when you can because it looks awful) but it's been chilly enough that I've spent a lot of time in cosy PJs and plenty of blankets reading and watching TV. I’ve just not been in the mood for blogging and reading to a certain extent, I think I’ve just been a little run down so curling up with some TV (I'm looking at you Eastenders) has been all I’ve wanted to do after work.

This week I’ve had full responsibility for dog walking and let me tell you it has been the worst week for not being able to fob off the responsibility of him to someone else. I’ve had my woolly hat and gloves on to take Milo out and he has not had a long adventure because both of us have been shivering by the five-minute mark. He has been a total pest without his usual exercise, though. Maybe Sunday can be the day we burn off his energy.

My boots arrived, though! And guys, they are stunning. I adore everything about them and they are so damn sparkly! I cannot get enough of them, I really can’t. I’m pretty sure I want to wear them with every outfit. Reckon I can make them work appropriate?

What I’ve Been Reading

The Lonliest Girl In The UniverseLord of Scoundrels17877157
I’ve had a slower reading week again. I began reading The Loneliest Girl in the Universe Sunday and powered through it that day. It was good but now I’ve finished it and had time to think on it a little more it’s not as good as my ‘I can’t put this down’ thoughts made it seem. I then had another day of not knowing what to read so I ended up buying Lord of Scoundrels because I fancied some more historical romance. The Intimate Deception has been on my Kindle for a good 3 years or something and I am trying to clean up my Kindle books a little so I began reading that. It’s not bad, a good enjoyable read I think (if a touch predictable, I’ve not finished yet but I can see how it’s going to go).

New To Me

Lord of Scoundrels
Only one purchase this week and I read it straight away. I’ve recently discovered with Kindle books you can return them up to 14 days after you’ve purchased them so I’ve kind of adopted the idea of returning books if I haven’t read them within a week because I’m trying to get my Kindle under control and there are so many books which I’ve bought and within a week or two of buying I’ve known I’ll never get to them. It kind of makes me think before I even buy a book if I’ll actually get to reading.

How has your week been? Any good books or awesome purchases? And we all will make it through winter, right? I feel like I might lose fingers typing this up (I'm a drama queen, I know).
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