Sunday Summary // 17.02.2019

17 February 2019

Sunday Summary
Hi guys.

Sorry, I skipped a week. I was just not in the blogging mood but hopefully I’m back now and have t shirts for everybody.

More drama at work. Not related to some people being dirty hypocrites. I’m mostly over that. Can you tell? But instead I got folks trying to blame me for their mistakes and I am so putting my foot down with my manager because she is telling other departments out dirty laundry and I’m like hell. no. You’re manager. Start acting like it and take the fall when your team messes up and then make sure it doesn’t happen again. Don’t be placing blame on your team especially when she knows I don’t do that shit. It wasn’t even a major thing I got blamed for. It was tiny, inconsequential and… honestly… I shouldn’t care I got the blame because it don’t matter. I’d shake it off… but this is the not the first time someone has been pointing fingers at others when they’ve done something wrong and I am not ok with that. These are the tiny dramas they don’t warn you about when you enter the working world. You have to deal with bitches and revert to high school behaviour to make it through the day. And then people question why adults are still reading YA when they shouldn’t be able to relate. Dude, I can relate to the high school drama. I’m living it.

I ordered a new phone Friday as well and let me tell you that was a whole other drama. From having a tracking number which showed someone else’s parcel delivery to my parcel showing the wrong delivery day. It was a total nightmare. Let me tell you DPD need to get themselves some better hold music and there is nothing more frustrating than them telling you to go to a website if you don’t want to wait on hold when you can’t get any online help beyond a damned email! And they go on about how they’re all about being nice to one another, which is fine, no one enjoys being the customer service member on the other end of the phone of a pissed off customer, but reducing down the number of ways you can get a hold of customer service assistance is not the way forward. I want to say I’ve got the phone sorted, but I’m currently writing this post whilst stuck on hold so stay tuned. All I wanted was to treat myself to a new damned phone… I should have just gone in store and shopped but I thought I knew better. Shopping may be stressful but this may be a circumstance where dealing with a person may be better than doing it online.

I’ve not really done anything exciting since we last caught up. Just work drama (seriously, all the drama) and sleeping. I’ve even been going through a bit of a book slump so not a whole lot of reading occurred… and any reading that did was meh and I DNF-ed a whole heap.

I did have a good old clear out of some books I absolutely am never going to read. I own a whole heap of books and I figured it’s about damned time I clear them out and own up to not reading them. I don’t have time or the inclination, why pretend otherwise? So I am clearing out books and doing some swapping and I feel damned good about it. It’s just a relief to get rid of some books I know no longer interested me. I think I should do this more often.

What I’ve Been Reading

OffsideOffensive Behavior2893100832714818
Like I said, I’ve been in a bit of a slump and I’m coming out of it, but damn is it hard when you’ve been in a bad mood about things. Offside was a DNF as I attempted to clear out some old books which have been lingering on my Kindle for way too long. Offensive Behaviour was good… but I also stopped reading it and didn’t feel any motivation to return to it. I know that is more me and my mood than anything else. I’m not willing to admit defeat yet on that one, hopefully a week or two I’ll read it. I did decide to try a reread to get me back in the mood so I started reading City of the Lost and have just moved on to A Darkness Absolute and let me tell you that it was a good decision. Hopefully, this gets me back into reading.

New To Me

The Madness of Lord WestfallThe Lost Soul of Lord BadewynHello StrangerFoolish Hearts
Yeah, I got a few books. Not too many, though. The first three equate to like £5 in 2 weeks and then I traded for Foolish Hearts and omg that hardcover is so pretty! Who knew? I adore that stuff.
Smitten by the BritSecond Chance with Her BillionaireThe Austen Playbook
And I got a few arcs too. You know I am psyched by The Austen Playbook, I’ve not requested an arc so fast in a good long while. I’ll start that soon, but I want to wait until I’m a bit of a better reading mood before starting.

Hope you’ve had a good couple of weeks and keep your fingers crossed my reading slump ends with my current rereads.
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