Sunday Summary // 24.02.2019

24 February 2019

Sunday Summary
It's a late Sunday update today. You know those posts I said I would write? Yeah, they aren't the reason for the later Sunday update. I was reading and playing Sims when I told myself I was going to play blog catch up. I frequently do things like that to myself and then complain about how much catching up I have to do. I know, I do myself no favours. Luckily for me, I'm not at work until Wednesday so there's hope for me yet.

This week has been drama free work wise. You'll be pleased to hear no words were had, no fights, no finger pointing, and I haven't descended into playground behaviour. I am taking the next couple of days to do some pros and cons of my current work situation though so wish me luck. I'm bored of complaining to you guys about it and I’m sure you’re getting fed up of listening to it.

I felt like I've both done loads and nothing this week. I successfully got my hair cut which I've been telling myself I'd get sorted for the past two months. It looks and feels so much better. Maybe I should go more often so I don't get the weird stringy wispy mess I usually call hair? I probably won't though. I also met up with a friend I feel like I haven't seen properly in forever and although another friend pulled out of that meet up it was so nice catching up. I swear life gets in the way but little things like drinks with friends cannot be overlooked for how beneficial it is to my mood.

Apart from that, it's been chill. I spent last weekend looking through old vinyl records with my mom and brother and that was such a laugh. I spent a long time bringing up artists on Spotify as I knew no songs by bands like T Rex and Genesis who featured heavily in my parents' old collection. Also, I discovered that someone really liked Elton John because who knew he had quite so many records? I've got to say there is something about Vinyl that is fun to handle. I like having Spotify on my phone... it's convenient. But I definitely see how a physical thing can be nice to listen to now and again.

I've got the next couple of days off from work for my birthday which is Tuesday. I had my work birthday Friday though and that was nice. I've got myself set up with some new nice Lush bath bombs and some facemasks so I know I'll be relaxing in the bath at some point and trying to unwind from things. It should be lovely. Just need to choose a good book. Any recommendations?

What I’ve Been Reading

32714818Second Chance with Her Billionaire
I only read two books this week. I felt like I was reading A Darkness Absolute for a year. It was so slow at the start with mystery taking it’s time to develop and hook me. I remember having that problem the first time I read it, too. It was as good as I remember it, though. Kelley Armstrong doesn’t disappoint with her books. I also read the best romance! I’m not always a fan of second chance romance, but Therese Beharrie’s Second Chance With Her Billionaire was amazing. I admit, I normally look past these Mills & Boon releases about billionaires, etc, because really? But this is not a book to be overlooked, I will now read everything she writes ever.

New To Me

The Hate U GiveOn The Come UpI Have Lost My Way
I’ve only bought/traded for three new books this week. I saw On The Come Up And The Hate U Give in a book offer and fine I’ve read The Hate U Give already but who can resist owning a physical copy of such a powerful book? I now have a copy to lend out to all my friends. And I swapped for I have Lost My Way and I’m excited to read. I’ve always enjoyed Gayle Forman’s books. I did pass on reading her one release which was classed as a proper grown-up book as it didn’t look like my kind of read. but her YA releases are always spot on.
The Kingdom of copper
My wish got granted on Netgalley. I did ask for The Kingdom of Copper for my birthday so I may end up reading a physical copy instead (if my brother has followed my request anyway) but I was very surprised to see my wish was granted on Netgalley. I can’t wait to get reading.

How has your week been? Has anyone done anything exciting? And can anyone suggest a good relaxing bath read for me? I always struggle to find a book with the right tone for relaxing, maybe a good romance?
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