Monthly Wrap Up // January 2019

04 February 2019

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We’ve made it through the first month of 2019 and the world hasn’t burned and the apocalypse hasn’t happened. Check us out.

It was a decent month, even if a lot of work drama was plain old rage inducing. Apart from work making me want to punch someone or rip my hair out January was actually a decent month. I might not have booked a holiday yet but I’m getting closer to figuring out where I want to go. maybe it’ll be a west coast trip this year. Maybe doing the whole LA thing, or heading to Vegas… or both if I can find the money for it.

I can’t actually think of what I did in January, I feel like it was a month of seeing friends and being social. I had a cocktail night, which was a laugh, went to the cinema and went to a really good Indian restaurant where the staff are always awesomely friendly and the food was tasty too. I think maybe socialising was the theme of the month for me (which is a rarity, I hate being social). Hopefully, this trend will continue through the year but now it’s February I’m trying to figure out what I want to do for my birthday but I have no clue. maybe I’ll try and convince my friends to do something fancy like food in the city and cocktails and pretend we’re cultured. Who knows, but February’s theme is set anyway, it’s all about my birthday.

Can’t Stop Listening

I created a whole playlist because I have been loving a lot of music this month. I have been dancing and raging and this is a playlist to get you through every emotion. There is no theme, my tastes do not follow a theme.

January Reads


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The Rest:

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January Posts

January Favourites

I really enjoyed showing you what my favourite other things were for my yearly wrap up so I thought I’d try to do it for January… but I don’t even know what my favourites will be.
I have been loving this BareMinerals matte liquid lipstick. I have the colour Swank (I know, it’s a naff name) which a friend bought me for Christmas and that girl knows me so well because it is my most favourite lipstick lately. I get all the compliments when I wear it so strongly recommend.
So, I started watching Luther in 2018 but I finished in 2019 and oh man, that stuff was awesome, but what was that ending? I also watched a few things on Netflix and I have to say Home Again and the Fyre documentary on Netflix were both awesome. Home Again was meant to be a rom-com for me but turned into just a really nice easy viewing and a reminder your life doesn’t end when you hit 30 when you have kids. And then Fyre, well, I mean, it was mental.

And that is my month. It’s been a bit all over the place but it was good. What have your highlights of January been? Any favourite reads?
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