Sunday Summary // 20.01.2019

20 January 2019

Sunday Summary
All the drama has kicked off at work. I spent my week there gossiping and eating cake. I should probably feel bad about the amount of gossiping (and the amount of cake) but I just don’t have time for that. It made my week at work a little better at least. Especially as me and my supervisor need to be having words about holiday… but let’s not do the negative. Do not ask, I will start ranting at you and nobody needs that. Literally, everyone I see on a regular basis has had an earful on it, I’m amazed I’ve not started stopping strangers on the street.

Also, whilst we’re on the subject of things which piss me off what the hell is happening with America? Why you still not got past this government shutdown bullshit? Seriously? Why is the world falling apart? This is as bad as the fact our UK politicians can still not agree on a Brexit deal! I mean seriously people? Why are politicians all throwing their toys out of their prams on these things? At least in the US, you have a good reason, nobody wants to pay for that wall. I don’t even know what the UK excuse is. Yeah, Brexit is a terrible idea but ffs why can no one act like a grown up on it? Yeah, politics is right pissing me off lately. I am so over it, let’s all start our own country somewhere warm where it doesn’t snow but where I will totally not get sunburnt either. Who’s with me?

And now onto the rest of life. I am typing this all up Saturday like an hour before I need to start doing my hair and face for my night out. I spent far too much time watching YouTube videos, but you know how sometimes you watch one and it then becomes this black hole of watching just one more and then it’s 3pm and you’ve still not changed out of your pyjamas or written up any blog posts but you do have about 20 makeup products in your shopping basket on Boots and you don’t quite know what happened. No? Just me? Well, that’s been my Saturday so far and it’s been quite fun but it’s also my excuse for why this post may be a little all over the place. But you have to fit blogging in when you can so you get me for an hour before I get ready for cocktails and either an early night or dancing… we’ll see where the night takes me.

I went to the cinema Friday after work and saw Glass. Guys… I’m not sure the film holds up to the brilliant of Split… but it wasn’t bad. I also somehow got upgraded (downgraded?) to a student for a cheaper ticket. I loved the sweet guy who served me at the counter. What a nice guy! Especially as I am several years past being a student, but I am not complaining. And do you guys have the fancy cinema seats where they’re electric and they recline and have a table and cupholder? I sat in those totally comfy seats so even though the film was 2+ hours long and I was bursting for the toilet by about the halfway mark I at least didn’t have a numb bum. What can I say? I may have spent a small fortune for a 2-hour experience, but at least I was comfy doing it. And the film was OK too, I think maybe my expectations were just too high.

Oh, and if there is some hella weird formatting going on in this post I apologise. The program I normally use for typing up blog posts is having technical difficulties uploading photos to Blogger so I'm having to do the HTML all by myself and let's just so I have no skills so may end up mistyping and breaking the internet. 

What I’ve Been Reading

Appetites & VicesBest of Luck
It’s been another good reading week, I think. I did expect to have finished Best of Luck by now, but I’m just not totally invested. I am when I’m reading but when I put the book down to do other things I don’t get have those ‘I need to get back to reading ASAP’ urges. I don’t know if this is a me thing or a book thing at the moment, though. We’ll see. The other two books were pretty good, though. A Wicked Kind of Husband has been my favourite, I saw Nick mention it (where else do I get book recs from anyway) and as soon as I saw it was on Kindle Unlimited I was there and it was spectacular. It’s a travesty Mia Vincy has no other books out yet. Appetites & Vices was mostly a win, but there was something which didn’t quite work about it for me. But I did enjoy it. Maybe the problem with my reading week is simply that the books I’m reading aren’t holding a torch to the first one?

New To Me

Two borrowed books on Kindle Unlimited and only one purchase in the form of Mhairi McFarlane who is a favourite author of mine. I’m excited to start reading that. I then seriously have to get back to those ARCs I have. Obviously, I’ve already read one of my borrowed books, the other I saw over at Rowena’s blog but she didn’t actually love it so now I’m a little bit hesitant, but if I don’t enjoy it no skin off of my nose it was borrowed anyway. And there are no new ARCs this week because I have excellent self-control (and I’m avoiding Netgalley).

What have you been up to this week? Has anyone seen anything good at the cinema lately? I feel like I need to go more often and watch more films in the comfy VIP chairs. Also, tell me what books to read, book recs are appreciated.
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