Discussion // What do you do when a post you love flops?

18 April 2019

We are at my first discussion post since I started back up blogging, isn’t it exciting? Now, considering I’ve only been back blogging a couple of weeks it may seem strange my first discussion post is about what you do when your posts aren’t as popular as you’d hoped… but I feel like this is something we all struggle with when we’re blogging. There are always posts which we put out hard work into that seem to fall flat. It’s the way of the world, we’re not always onto a hit.

Like I said, blog posts can fly under the radar for many a reason. Sometimes they come out at the wrong time so people pass them by. Sometimes you aren't saying anything new so people have little to say. It could be you've not had the time to do your due diligence to promote on social media and to blog hop to encourage return comments. There are a multitude of reasons for posts to not get the attention you'd hoped.

But what do you do when it happens?

Me? I mostly brush it off. Not every post will be loved and adored and I try not to dwell on the bad because it gets me down. Shit happens, posts flop. It is the way of the world. But it’s easy to let niggling doubts takeover. Was it me? Did I say something wrong? Have I offended folks and not read things through properly only to discover I've said something hella offensive in error? Do people think I'm an idiot? Oh god, they don't like me! I might as well give up now and hide myself away never to appear on the internet ever again. I'll change my identity but folks know my name! Good god I can never post again. You know, the usual overdramatic things that I wouldn’t be caught dead saying usually, but when I allow myself to descend into doubts it takes a while to dig me out.

Self doubt soon passes and I move on with my regularly scheduled programming. I don’t dwell for long as it’s not like I look back on old posts for long before I’ve moved on to the next one. But it’s something I always think about. I mean, reviews are never your most popular post (or mine aren’t anyway) so I don't tend to get myself down about it, not everyone wants to talk about all the books I’ve read, but what about if you’ve thought of a really good discussion post and you want to talk with others about it… and then no one comments. It’s hard not to get yourself down.

So I want to know what you guys do when the posts you’ve put lots of time and effort into aren’t loved by those reading your blog? Do you even dwell on it? Hell, are you guys like me and brush it off because you never really go back read old posts after they’re up (apart from to reply to comments)?
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