Sunday Summary // 21.04.2019

21 April 2019

Happy Easter! Or Merry Easter? I don’t really know what a traditional greeting for Easter would be. Happy gorge on chocolate day? Well, whatever it is and however you’re spending the day I hope you enjoy yourself.

I’m in an excellent mood writing this as it’s a bank holiday weekend. Easter is always brilliant as it means that I have four days of no work! Everyone loves a good long weekend. We have been blessed with some truly wonderful weather for the bank holiday as well. The sun is shining, the temperatures have hit the 20s and I can just relax a little. As opposed to last week, where I was busy and productive, I have spent the past two days being lazy and haven’t even blogged, even though I have things I want to write and plenty of comments to reply to.

Last weekend I was lamenting not being able to watch any Netflix and then I feel like I have watched far too much TV in the past week instead of reading. I foolishly decided to rewatch Game of Thrones last week and I am halfway season 2 already. I’m confusing myself by also watching the latest season at the same time because I cannot try and avoid spoilers. It’s impossible. I also started watching The Bold Type and that show just makes me want to read some Lauren Layne. It’s that magazine setting. I really want to read some magazine based romances now. I also watched The Perfect Date as I wanted to… and it was ok? I definitely won’t be telling everyone to watch, I didn’t particularly care for any of the characters and think I spent a lot of that show browsing the internet. Netflix redeemed itself in the form of Someone Great, though. It was a fun comedy with three friends having a last excellent night out and helping their friend post break up. It was so good and had a good soundtrack too. So yeah, I watched a lot of TV the past week,

What I’ve Been Reading

I predicted it would happen. My excellent reading week last week has seen me hit some duds. I started off strong with Finding Felicity and From Heiress to Mom (although I did prefer Second Chance With Her Billionaire) but then Getting Hot With The Scot happened and that book just was a strong no to me. I didn’t pick up another book until Friday, then. The Tethered Mage I began reading after starting a new First Impressions post with some books from my shelves. I haven’t finished The Tethered Mage, though. I have a whole blog post about it, but do you ever find yourself losing interest in a book halfway through for no other reason than you’re reading mood has changed for no apparent reason? So, that happened with The Tethered Mage. I was liking it until it was literally the last book I wanted to read. I moved on to Foolish Hearts when my reading mood did a 180. Foolish Hearts was absolutely amazing and I am placing Emma Mills onto my favourites list. I need to get her other two books.

New To Me

I got just one book this week. An ARC because the read/unread feature on my Kindle has made me learn I have far too many books on my Kindle I’ve yet to read. So no book buying for a couple of weeks. But I couldn’t resist an ARC request.

How has your week been? Any good books? And have you been watching Game of Thrones?
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