Sunday Summary // 28.04.2019

28 April 2019

Where do the weeks keep going? I swear, I sit at work lamenting how each day is dragging but I’m still shocked to see the end of the week arrive. I honestly don’t know where the time goes.

When you’re all reading this I’ll be out brunching with friends. Yes, I have become a lady who brunches… but only on a Sunday. We’re trying a new place in a town nearby. I’ll be nice, I feel like I haven’t seen these friends in a little while and we always have a great time when we’re together. It gives me a break from home anyway.

Have I told you guys my mom has decided to have her kitchen done? Well, she has, and so the past couple of weekends have been filled with emptying the kitchen cupboards and trying to eat all the food out of the freezer so we can move it. It’s been exhausting and it means potentially three weeks of no washing machine or cooker! I mean, I’m sure it won’t go on for that long (we hope) but they are fully tearing it out, replastering, rewiring and redoing the plumbing before we have something end fitted. And my mother obviously decides to have this done the month before we go on holiday, but it means it should be sorted before we go and she’ll finally have the new kitchen she’s been talking about for like two years. It’s fun but exhausting, So a brunch away from home appeals as the no kitchen saga begins next week and I know I will slowly grow fed up of takeaways, pot noodles, and microwave meals.

Things are changing at work, as well. Someone handed their notice in at the start of the week and that obviously means everyone is all a flutter in our department. Gossip everywhere of ‘where are they going’ and all that and it’s exhausting as it means rearranging the workload for less staff and it means holiday which was previously booked at a completely reasonable time is not a little awkward. It’s nothing major and we’ll quickly adapt, but it’s meant a lot of change in the office.

I’m on to season 4 of my Game of Thrones rewatch and I forgot how awful some characters were. I despise Joffrey and Ramsay Bolton (ad all of the Bolton’s) are just despicable human beings. I think I got all caught up in the current war between the white walkers and everyone else that I forgot the wars of man which were truly despicable, you know? It’s still fun, though, and since I have a week off of work coming soon I know that’s what I’ll spend my time watching until I’m caught up to season 8 (which I may rewatch anyway, even though I’m watching it weekly with everyone else).

What I’ve Been Reading

After complaining I had a meh reading week last week I return once more with an excellent (and YA heavy) reading week this week. After enjoying Foolish Hearts so much, and since I read Jenn Bennett’s latest release, Serious Moonlight, I decided to dust of Starry Eyes and finally get to reading it. Which then inspired me to pick up Save the Date, another YA release I was excited for and never got to reading. I then smashed a couple of ARCs off of my reading list and My So-Called Bollywood Life and The Bride Test were both excellent reads I’m excited to review here soon. I really enjoyed them and spent more time reading rather than watching Game of Thrones, which I didn’t expect. And then decided to close my week with Letters to the Lost. I loved it when I read the ARC and finally cracked the copy on my shelf and reread (because I also have Brigid Kemmerer’s newest release to review from Netgalley… and I still haven’t read her other book More Than We Can Tell, which I had an ARC for… I' was hoping to inspire myself to read both of those too). I loved it just as much second time around and bought a copy of More Than We Can Tell so can’t wait to read that next.

New To Me

Three new books this week. My preorder of The Austen Playbook arrived on my Kindle and that made me smile. I’ve also ordered the paperback so hopefully, that will arrive in the next couple of weeks. In case you didn’t know, I loved that book so go buy it if you haven’t already. Anyone who follows me on twitter will know I was beyond excited to be approved for The Bride Test (it only appeared on Netgalley UK in the past week or so, and I was in like a shot requesting that) I also enjoyed that… thinking on it now maybe not in the same way I loved The Kiss Quotient, but it was a damned good book. And finally, I bought a copy of More Than We Can Tell and I can’t wait to start reading that. I’m on a YA reading streak and I will not look a gift horse in the mouth. I’ve already removed three unread books from my shelf at home and if this continues I might knock out a few more. I am drowning in a sea of unread books and I’m trying to get it under control by the end of the year (so fewer impulse purchases of cheap Kindle books are in my future).

How has your week been? Have you found yourself drawn to books you didn't think you were ever going to be in the mood to read? And anyone have any tips for trying to conquer your unread books?
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