Sunday Summary // 05.05.2019

05 May 2019

Hi guys, I’ve been a bit quiet this week. You might have noticed I’ve not been by blogs commenting and I feel bad, I’ll be playing catch up next week and be regretting my laziness. Especially as I currently have no posts lined up for the coming week and I had planned to have a couple of weeks worth sorted. I didn’t even manage to write my wrap up post for the month of April as I intended. Does anyone else find that sometimes blogging is simply the last thing that I felt like doing with their free time? That’s what I had this week but my motivation is picking up once more so hopefully, I won’t be quite as lazy this week.

I think my lack of motivation for blogging is mostly the fact that I’ve felt so exhausted all week and been a bit of bad mood for no particular reason. I think our lack of kitchen has thrown me out and the awkwardness of it has been putting me in a bad mood. I miss home cooked food, I’m hoping we’ll have more of a kitchen next week. Maybe that will put me in a better mood. Either that or the fact I have a week off of work and the excuse of not being able to do a whole lot because I need to sit in with the builders so I can watch all the TV I want and read all of the books and I could not be happier about it. This obviously means I will read and watch nothing and waste the week. That’s how these things normally go.
For those who are interested, my brunch last weekend was lovely. I had the pancakes above and let me tell you, they were delicious. I could easily have eaten them again and I am regretting having taken this picture now because all I want to do it eat them again. I am totally cooking pancakes when we have a kitchen again. Pancakes are delicious.

The only other thing I did this week was watch Game of Thrones. I will offer no spoilers, but I will say as much as I couldn't look away from the screen for the whole thing I did have complaints. But that may be because we have been building up to the battle for so long, any outcome would have probably felt a little disappointing.

What I’ve Been Reading

As you can see, it’s been a slower reading week than last week, but I was in work for a full week so that is no surprise. More Than We Can Tell was just as good as I’d hoped, I really enjoyed reading Rev’s story. I then didn’t know what to read next, I was going through that weird moment of ‘what do I want to read’ that I always hate, especially as I had to figure it out fast as I had no book to take to work with me. I chose One Dance With A Duke and although this was nowhere near my favourite Tessa Dare read, it was pretty enjoyable and it did make me want to read more historical romance and return to some of my favourite Tessa Dare books. That's probably why I picked up The Other Miss Bridgerton and I enjoyed the latest Julia Quinn release, she doesn’t do bad books, but I didn’t love it and it probably won’t be one I’ll be eagerly reaching for, not like some other books, anyway. But I may be wrong yet.

I got no new books this week (impressive, I know). I’m hoping to get through a few more books this week and maybe I’ll treat myself to a new one… but it’s New York Next month so maybe I’ll save all my book buying until then.

What have you been up to this week? Do you find yourself unmotivated blog when your everyday routine is thrown out? And what have your favourite reads of this week been?
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