Sunday Summary // 12.05.2019

12 May 2019

It’s Sunday already? My days have blurred this past week. I’ve had the week off to sit around waiting for the builders to do the kitchen and so I have been so confused about what day we’re on. It’s partially why this post is up late, I’m writing this up on a Sunday which I never do. But I didn’t even totally realise it was Sunday. I both love and hate that feeling of your days blurring together and losing what day you’re on when you’re on holiday. It reminds me of school when you'd have the summer holidays and you would totally lose track and then suddenly it was time to go back to school.

Anyway, enough of that. This week has been a slow one. Like I said, I’ve been at home with the builders doing our kitchen. We know have cupboards in our kitchen! But still no electric and no oven in sight. It should all be over next week and they don’t have that much work left to do. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for mid-week next week but I could also see it being Friday. Sadly, I won’t be here for the last part, I’m back off to work next week and there is a small feeling of dread there, I’m not going to lie.

I’ve liked how relaxing it’s been, even if I’ve done a whole heap of nothing this week. I’ve barely left the house and it’s pretty extreme for me to say I was going a little stir crazy but I have been. I saw a friend Thursday night and we were literally hanging out at her house catching up and I decided a full face of makeup was needed because it had been days since I’d been out. And Friday someone else was home so I was so excited about getting to leave the house! I went shopping to our local shopping centre so I could feel like I’d done stuff. It was so nice but I probably spent a little too much money. Oh well.

What I’ve Been Reading

I got approved for Teach Me on Netgalley and pretty much immediately started reading and I have no regrets, a definite favourite of this week. I ended up DNF-ing A Girl Like Her straight after, though. I got 20% of the way in and was just confused where the story was. The characters were ok but there was no plot developing. I am determined to try again with another book by Talia Hibbert, but sadly A Girl Like Her didn’t work for me. I did love Luna and the Lie, though. I’ve had the latest Mariana Zapata on my Kindle for a little while so very excited to finally have a week off of work and the chance to just read all day if I wanted to. So I did. After reading Teach Me I’d done some hunting for more so-called ‘seasoned romance’ and came across Love Game. I was trying not to buy new books but after the sample, I wanted to read and let me say it was definitely good. I’ll need to continue the series. And finally, I am now reading Lethal White. Yes, very different from the romance run I’ve just had but I figured might as well read a heavy hardback while I’m not at work and I figured I should try and catch up on the series.

New To Me

I’ve already talked about two of these books, but A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder was an impulse supermarket buy when I was all excited at the chance to leave the house. I think that book was the sign I wanted something a little different, the mystery element made me want to buy and I couldn’t resist. I’ll try and read in the next couple of weeks and then I can always send it on to a better home.

And that was my week, have you done anything exciting? What good books are you buying and reading lately?
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