Sunday Summary // 19.05.2019

19 May 2019

It’s another Sunday Summary I’m writing up late because I’ve had no motivation to blog. Well, no, that’s a lie. I’ve had the motivation to blog, but usually at times when I have no access to my computer. Give me another week I’ll catch up on blog reading/writing/commenting. The whole shebang.

Anyway, you’ll all be thrilled to hear the kitchen is finished… or the building part of it is. It still needs to be painted but that will be easy compared to everything else. We have a washing machine and a sink and a cooker! I’m excited and I can’t wait to be doing proper food again. I’ve even felt inspired to start doing overnight oats for my breakfast again (not that they involve any cooking, but it’s better than some of the breakfasts I have for work). I’m also contemplating doing me a tasty breakfast this fine Sunday morning… but I also might just eat cereal and have a cup of coffee instead.

Anyway, it was back to work this week for me. Sad times, but it felt like I hadn't seen people in ages! It was good to catch up and remember why some of the people I work with are just the best. It’s nice to actually be (mostly) happy to be at work. But that could just be in comparison to last week I’m not bored out of my mind and am actually doing something.

I wish I could say I’ve had an exciting week… but honestly, I haven’t. I have been so boring. I did get my haircut, though! I am so impressed with myself, I didn’t wait six months like I usually do. I still hate the hairdressers, but this time around the woman remembered me, which was nice. I could kind of understand why people don’t mind the hairdressers.

I’ve spent this week being determined to clear my shelves. I’ve become brutal with DNF-ing books and even ones I finish are going to the giveaway pile. Also, I need to get rid of my pile of books I don’t want anymore. I keep thinking maybe I should put them on twitter but I didn’t have the best luck when I did that last time. I was going to put them in the charity bag but seems like too many books and I can’t send my ARCS. And what about the signed books? Someone might want those! So I’m stuck with what to do because I’m too lazy to become a book selling genius.

What I’ve Been Reading

Sisters Red
I’ve had a mixed bag of a reading week this week. I really enjoyed A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, it was a good YA mystery that had me hooked from the very first page. Definitely check it out if that’s your kind of thing. I DNF-ed Sisters Red after a couple of chapters. Empress of all Seasons was a decent read, I liked the final message of the book… but definitely wasn’t for me. I’ve now got a signed Illumicrate copy to send off to a good home. I closed the week with Vicious and it was a definite favourite. It was so good, I forgot how good it was.

New To Me

Just one book purchased this week. I told you I was being good. I am conquering the TBR guys! I even resisted some Netgalley requests because my will is strong and I can treat myself to more book in NYC this way. And this is a tome, so when it was going cheap (under £2) on Kindle for one day only, I jumped at the chance to have a kindle copy. I’d appreciate the arm exercises but not lifting that much weight.

And that is my week. Any hints or tips for either conquering my TBR or ridding myself of my no longer wanted books?
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