Long Time No See

20 June 2019

Well hi there! Like the title says, long time no see, which is totally on me. My ‘small hiatus’ began earlier than I planned (with no announcement or prior warning) and then the motivation to open up a blank post and start typing words grew ever more daunting.

I’ll be honest, I did plan a two week break from blogging, I was going to post a May wrap up and take two weeks off and come back to my blog refreshed from a break to New York and have all these posts prepared but as my holiday approached my motivation to blog just up and disappeared. I didn’t want to reply to blog comments. I didn’t want to comment on other people’s blogs. I didn’t even want to read posts and have 20 tabs open for posts I would totally comment on soon. Hell, it got to the point I lost all motivation to read! It was a dark time and I am now convinced holidays where I am going to be busy just fully drain my reading and blogging mojo because this happened last year when I went on holiday too and now I’m a month behind on ARCs and only just getting back into the swing of things with reading.

It was a nightmare.

On the plus side, despite DNF-ing 4 books (which I will probably reattempt reading because I know it was a mood thing) I did read a whole heap of Drarry HP fanfiction during my hiatus. Honestly, guys, I think some fanfiction is better written than some books I’ve read. I hope the authors of this fics are actual authors or aspire to be because they have the whole storytelling thing down! I don’t think my lack of reading motivation was helped by my rediscovery or the marvel that is sending AO3 fics to my Kindle. Those arcs I intended to read to were usurped by the shiny new fanfics I downloaded instead.

Thankfully, my reading mojo is returning for more than just fanfic. I bought Red, White & Royal Blue when I was away and it was the first book I read when I returned home and utterly adored it. I will review (but don’t expect any kind of coherent thoughts on it). And I also finally got convinced by Nick to start reading the Lady Sherlock series because she was getting hella judgemental on that front. To be fair, I did buy the first two books last year! But she was right, these books are good and I’m only one and a half books in and I’m in love. I bought the third one and I’m plotting who to beg, borrow or steal the fourth book since it’s not out until October (yep, what is this bullshit?) and Netgalley is conspiring against me on that front.

But let’s not digress.

I mostly wanted to say I’m not dead, I am starting to write blog posts again and give me like five years and I might have caught up on the 200+ unread blog posts you guys have written. If you could take a summer break or something to give me a chance to catch up that would be brilliant.

What’s been happening while I’ve been gone? Recommend me books and all the posts I need to read.
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