Monthly Wrap Up // July 2019 & Hiatus

04 August 2019

Where is my year going? I honestly don’t even know but July has both flown and dragged on by. It’s been a mix of torrential rain and scorching hot weather. And travel problems. So many travel problems

Can’t Stop Listening

These are a few fun songs to keep you entertained. Why yes, the collection is eclectic. I’ve been listening to a whole mix of music. You enjoy while you’re reading.


What has July consisted of? Well, it began with terrible weather and then progressed to a heatwave (which was awful) and along with the heatwave came epic travel disruption. I genuinely felt like I needed to take out shares in Uber with the amount Iw as using them to get to and from work. Why can't trains run normally in hot weather? I feel like the excuse of signalling problems and buckling tracks was definitely a lie. Especially when the following week we had epic downpours and my train again got cancelled due to flooding! Yep, no lie, I had to get another Uber home due to a train station flooding, I had a friend who almost got to his station (the flooded one) and his train ended up turning back! Now that would be upsetting. I also took part in a colour run (in the rain) and that was fun and cold. I was wondering at work the Monday without realising I hadn't got some of the colour off of my arm, I had a very faint blue patch on me. It was a lot of fun and would definitely recommend to others, just make sure you do it with friends otherwise you will not convince yourself to go if it's raining. 

July Reads

Even I can tell I’ve been in a bit of a reading rut looking at this post. Especially as one of these books was a DNF (The Prenup). Apart from that DNF I think I pretty much loved every book I finished. Each one was just what I needed, I just wish I could figure out what the next book I need to read will be.

July Posts


And now to move on to the other part of this post… I figure I should get it out there now. There is going to be a two-week break coming up. I’ve no posts drafted (although I do have a few half-finished). I’ve not finished a book in like a week so it is probably prime time to take a little me time anyway. That isn’t the reason why I’m taking a break, I always struggle along and post sporadically anyway, but it does help solidify the idea in my mind.

The actual reason for the hiatus is because have a family wedding to attend down in Newquay so I’m going to be away a few days and will have no chance to blog or anything. Or I will, but I will have no wifi so instead of carting my laptop with me I thought I’d leave it at home. I might change my mind on that one, though. We’ll see. It is basically my whole life on this thing and I suppose if all else fails I could play Sims when I’m bored (we were forecast rain so there’s a high chance of boredom since I’ll be stuck in a caravan. Why yes, I do expect flashbacks to family holidays of the past). It all means I will not be blogging (but will hopefully be reading). I am hoping to come back refreshed and ready to catch up on the hundreds of blog posts I missed… and the comments I’ve not replied to… and to actually write blog posts.

Give me an update of your month, any good books? And please link me to any of your recent posts that I’ve probably missed, I promise to stop by and comment soon.
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