Sunday Summary // 18.08.2019

18 August 2019

I’m back from my break! I did pop in and post a review of Tessa Dare’s latest release but I am now attempting to get back into the blogging business all proper like. I have reviews, and discussion ideas, and a whole bunch of tags I’ve not got around to finishing. I have plans!

But first, let’s recap my break… or my trip to Newquay as that’s really my only highlight. And yes there are pictures, and I do include a selfie. No, I don’t support Cleveland Browns but my brother does and I stole his cap… when we were sat inside… and it was dark out. Why are you judging me?!

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will have seen I’ve been away! It was my step sister’s wedding and we all travelled down to Newquay for the weekend to watch her get married and it was such a lovely weekend away. It wasn’t without some excitement too. We drive down on the Friday (that is the royal we, I didn’t drive anywhere, my brother did, I provided assistance in changing the music and offering sweets out occasionally). It began with my brother arriving late because he forgot something and when I asked what he forget he said ‘nan’. Now anyone who has followed my blog for a little while will know my nan passed away over a year ago now and we still hadn’t decided on where to scatter her ashes and really a family weekend at the seaside seemed the most appropriate place considering the sheer number of beach holiday’s she took us on throughout the years. But he arrived late and so we ended up hitting traffic on the motorway down. It didn’t help the worst storm in ages was due to hit the UK and it kept chucking it down (also, this appears to be a britishism, do you guys not refer to heavy rain as chucking it down? And if not why not?) but anyway, rain meant more traffic and slightly scary driving conditions. We arrived in one piece, though, and we went to get the keys for our caravan only to be told that there had been a power cut and no one knew when it would come back on. Always fun when your phone needs some juice and you still need to go to the shop for basics and you’ve been hounded by your mom to go to a pub to meet up with everyone in the family in a little over an hour. It’s safe to say that Friday was an exhausting day of rushing about and exhaustion but it was fine.

Saturday was the day of the wedding and let me tell you it was a long day! I was up at 8, ready for 11 and out of the caravan and we thought there would be rain all day but it brightened up (after I’d got to the hotel and been rained on) and we had a view of the sea! Now, you might not understand my excitement at seeing the sea… or even a beach, but I love in the area of the UK referred to as The Midlands and we don’t have beaches and the sea so it’s exciting any time you go to the seaside. It’s just a fact. But we were talking about the wedding! It was a bit of a strange day, everyone turned up in dribs and drabs and we were all a but like, where do we wait? And everyone was drinking pretty much as soon as they arrived at the hotel and it was weird because we’re not family but we are and… it was weird. But my step sister looked beautiful and she looked so happy the whole day. She was committed to wearing her dress the whole day and you could tell she was fed up of folks stepping on it and having to drag it around all day, but you only get to wear it once and look like a princess. And the wedding was great, and filled with tasty food (and pick and mix, which hopefully isn’t another britishism but I know it probably is). I have to say, I’ve never been to a wedding where you get a cone of fish and chips and it was tasty. I was knackered by the end, though, and also discovered Newquay is a weird time warp which has very few taxis and no takeaways!

Sunday was spent adventuring around Newquay eating ice cream and trying to make my brother feel better as he was not 100% after the wedding. It was quite a lazy day in the end, and I liked that. I bought sticks of rock for a couple of friends and then spent an evening in a caravan. We did go to a really cool looking beach, though, and I swear it looked like it had a bricked over cave! I bet there were interesting things in there.

Finally, Monday we travelled home, but not before walking across a beach barefoot, climbing a small cliff and scatting my nan’s ashes. It was quite funny, which I feel like it’s not meant to be when scattering ashes but it was windy and my brother almost slipped at one point. It was nice, though, and now I have a good reason to return to Newquay! I mean, I know I don’t need to go to the place where my nan’s ashes are scattered to remember her, but any excuse to return to the seaside.

Apart from wedding adventures life has been a little dull. I have had work drama but I’m not putting myself in a bad mood talking about that with you guys. It’s safe to say I deeply regretted my decision to go back to work Wednesday and my grand plans to be productive when I came home from work was shattered by me being angry and annoyed and just generally in a bad mood.

I have slowly made progress in my plans to be a proper adult, though! I have a meeting booked at the bank about getting a mortgage and actually buying a house. It’s scary times, but kind of exciting because those towers of books I own will finally have a home of their own. I mean, I may change my tune as time goes on but I am looking forward to having a bit more space… I just need to make sure it’s close enough to my mom that I can sneak the dog out with me from time to time as I will miss this Milo face!

What I’ve Been Reading

So my grand reading plans didn’t happen when I was away, but I did read. This Earl of Mine was an ARC request and let me tell you I enjoyed every damn page. I wasn’t certain I would but no regrets, it was good. I just need to remember to write the review because it’s not out for a while yet. Stripped… it was disappointing. I will probably write a review here, but it was not as good as I’d hoped. I just couldn’t get into the story for some reason. The writing was good, I could tell the characters were likable… I just didn’t click with it, which is never fun. I then moved to One Day to Fall and let me tell you I <3 Therese Beharrie. That book was just so good. I need to write my review for that as well. And then I decided to renew my efforts to read some books from Sarah MacLean’s Read More Romance list of books and discovered Her Naughty Holiday available on Overdrive so I sat and had an enjoyable evening reading that (it was on Wednesday, I needed romance like that to cheer me up). And that is my reading of late.

New To Me

I’m not even going to try and lie, I got too many books the past couple of weeks so now I need to start reading a few! I bought a physical copy of Call it What You Want with the intention of reading it during my Newquay trip but I ended up reading nothing that weekend other than fanfiction (we rewatched the first Avengers film one night in the caravan, I fet compelled to read fanfiction). Taking the Heat has been on my maybe buy list for a while so I sucked it up and bought when it was on offer, same for Dreamer’s Pool. And then Mariana Zapata did the best thing ever and dropped a new release! I snapped up The Best Thing so fast. She’s the only author who is on Kindle Unlimited whose books I’ll always buy anyway. And then I saw When Dimple Met Rishi on offer in WHSmith’s and couldn’t resist getting myself a physical copy.

How have you been while I’ve been away? Anyone else been on an adventure of late? And recommend me all of the good books as I’m still not sure what my reading mood is doing.
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