Sunday Summary // 26.04.2020

26 April 2020

Wow, I have been a terrible blogger this week. I’ve been slow on both comments and writing posts. I did have a post I was planning on having ready for Thursday. It’s typed and saved in my drafts but do you ever just read a post back and it doesn’t feel, right? Well, that’s the feeling I had reading that post so I held it back. But I’m a couple of weeks in and still don’t have any other posts in my drafts. I’ve been fully lazy this week and just haven’t sat at my computer to type anything up. I’m making Sunday as my day of being productive. I’ve got a long list of chores and such on my to-do list so I’m going to put blog-related things on there and I’ll do all the things I’ve been too lazy to do. Be prepared to say my face around your blogs.

It’s been another slow week in lockdown. I’ve officially started avoiding the news because I just can’t with it at the moment. I hate seeing the number of deaths each day and seeing the government give their platitudes when we’re all still stuck at home, it’s just disheartening. I think we’re in the fifth week of lockdown now? I’m not sure, though, at this point I’ve lost count but I am so fed up of being at home. I can only hope this staying at home is helping and that there will soon be a light at the end of this tunnel. I know life’s not going back to normal anytime soon, but I’m hoping to be able to get out at least a little bit, maybe to see my mom. I think I’m just really missing people at the moment. Who knew?

Sorry, I am determined to stay more upbeat otherwise this lockdown will be the worst. I have continued to watch some good TV. I’ve not found another k-drama to fit my mood yet but that’s only a matter of time. I have been watching the second half of season 2 of New Amsterdam. It always releases in parts on Amazon Prime and I just always enjoy that show. It does make me cry a lot of the time but everything makes me cry at the moment. I think I’ve become extra sensitive, but maybe it’s just that living alone means I don’t have to hide it when a sad advert makes me cry. Anyway, I binge-watched the second half of New Amsterdam (or what’s released of it anyway). I also started watching the second season of Manifest. So far, I don’t feel like it’s been as good as season 1 but we shall see. Apart from that the only other thing I have been doing is playing Sims 4. I guess I can’t get a change of scenery in the real world so might as well control some sims, give them pretty houses and enjoy that instead. Honestly, all I want to do is going back to playing that. That is my escapism. I need to build a bookshelf before I can lose myself in Sims. And catch up on your blog posts from the past few days.

What I’ve Been Reading

It’s a bit of a Psy/Changeling week of reading. I’ve read the first two novellas in Wild Invitation (bother good, enjoyed those a lot. especially to Tammy and Nate’s story). Hostage to Pleasure was… I liked getting Dorian and Ashaya’s story and I really like the character of Ashaya, but I had issues with the ending of that one and it really bothered me. I don’t want to spoil anything but it was something I hate seeing in a lot of books. I might write a blog post about it, we’ll see. And I’m currently reading Branded by Fire. I’m liking Mercy and Riley’s book more than I thought. I didn’t have strong thoughts on either character before starting this and I certainly hadn’t noticed much between them (there was a slight hint in the last book) so it was a little abrupt them getting together but now I’m farther into it it does kind of make sense. There's still a lot of story to go so we’ll see if my thoughts change.

New To Me

No book purchases (well done me) but I do have to new ARCs on my shelf. I had to get Date Me, Bryson Keller when I saw it on Netgalley. I’d seen Sam review it and it instantly went on my want to read list so you can imagine my excitement when I saw it and I was even happier when I saw I was auto-approved for the publisher (the only publisher I’m auto-approved for and I’ve never been happier). And then I requested 10 Things I Hate About Pinky a little impulsively. I didn’t think I’d get approved but I am happy I did. I’ll be having a little YA reading fun soon, I’ve got a couple of YA purchases I need to read and a couple of YA ARCs needing some love on my netgalley shelf so that will be happening soon.

And that is my week. Sorry if I got a bit down there in the middle but it was a good week of new books and I have a shiny new bookshelf to build. This post was finished while I’m half asleep Sunday morning (my bookshelf got delivered early so I needed to get up and wait for it) as soon as it’s a sensible hour in the morning I’ll start building that (check out my neighbourly consideration). How has your week been? Any new books I should be checking out and what are you doing to help stay positive at the moment?
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