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21 April 2020

This is another tag from Wordy and Whimsical which I was tagged in. It’s actually one which was created by Vera and Sabrina over there and that is amazing. The level of thought that must have gone into creating this tag is epic and oh my god did it take up a whole heap of time for me to answer all the questions and then create the graphics. Honestly, follow their advice on this one and just use Unsplash to get images instead, These graphics were fun to make but I lost my whole morning to it. Anyway, this was a great tag to do and flowers are always spring-appropriate.

Roses are traditionally given as an expression of love: what’s your favourite romance in a book?

I read a lot of romance. I mean, a lot, so picking just one romance? That's asking a lot. I adore the romance in Act Like It by Lucy Parker, one of my go-to comfort reads is Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie though. Maybe they count as my favourite romances? Honestly, both are so good but also very different. Check them out.

Stargazer Lilies are named for their blooms that face toward the sky: who is your favourite ambitious character?

I've never really thought about characters being ambitious, this is a tough one. I feel like I should have loads, after all, you have plenty of ambitious characters in romance. It's normally one of the things which stops characters getting together. You know what, I think my favourite ambitious character (who I can think of right at this moment) was Flick from The Love Coupon by Ainslie Paton. I remember one of the things I liked best about this romance was that although their romance was taking place because Flick needed a place to stay until she moved for her new job, not once did she think about sacrificing her career for the romance developing. I would have hated if she gave up her dream job but she never did. She was willing to do a lot for love but she won't do that. Instead, it was Tom who had to give things up and change plans for her and I adored that. Gotta love a woman smashing her career but still getting the man in the end.

Peace Lilies are known for being one of the easier houseplants to care for: what is a book you think anyone could love?

Wow, anyone? That's asking a lot of a book. I mean, we all have different tastes here and it would have to spread across genres! I'm going to have to go the graphic novel route here. I mean, they bring people together! Also, who doesn't like being able to look at pictures when they're reading? Don't lie, we all miss books with pictures. I am going to have to say the Fables series. I loved that (and still need to finish it). I mean, fairytale characters in a modern-day New York living under the radar? And there's romance, mystery, some humour. I mean, it's got it all.

Chrysanthemums are given on Mother’s Day in Australia: who is your favourite fictional mother?

How is it a know I love strong family relationships in books yet I cannot think of a single parent or family member in a book now I'm being posed with this question? I genuinely had to search mom on my blog and try and find books where I even mentioned a parent. Why is my memory so bad? In the end, I had to say The bride Test. I mean, Khai's mom cares so much she goes to Vietnam to find her son a wife. It's heavy-handed and not necessarily the action you'd want your own mom to take, but it worked. I mean, honestly, my only other choice for a fictional parent was Molly Weasley because that woman had enough love for all of her children and still had room in her heart to bring Harry into the family too.

Spider Plants are easy to propagate: what is a hyped-up book that you love?

There are so many hyped books I could take about. I could say Harry Potter because that series is so overhyped that I should really hate it. Or what about The Hunger Games? I think I might say that, I jumped right on the bandwagon with that one and read it when the films were getting ready to be released and you know what? I still like the books now. I'm really glad I read them and I kind of miss reading YA like that, maybe I need to see if there's some more recent YA that's come out with those vibes.

Lily of the Valley is pretty but poisonous: share a book with a beautiful cover that was actually disappointing!

The number of books I've bought for a pretty cover which were utterly disappointing. You would think I would learn not to judge a book by its cover but I honestly don't learn. I think Starry Night was a big disappointment. I bought a hardcover of this book (it was a good deal, I didn't spend loads on it) but the pretty cover did not match the story inside. That book wasn't to my tastes at all and I should have known better. I should have read some reviews before buying, but I never learn it seems.

Orchids are one of the oldest flower types known to man: what’s your favourite classic novel?

Pride and prejudice. I know to say a Jane Austen book probably makes me boring and predictable but I don't even care. I have such a soft spot for that book and the BBC series. My nan bought me that book all the way back when I was in high school. I think I mentioned wanting to read it since it was in a book I was reading at the time and she went and bought me a copy and borrowed the BBC series from the library for us to watch together. I think it was a school holiday and I was spending the day at her house and we just curled up and binge-watched before binge-watching was even a thing. It was such a nice chilled day spent with my nan. It's those little things I missed most after she'd had her stroke. It kind of overshadowed all the good times we had together. But now every time I think of Pride and Prejudice it makes me think of her.

Peonies require lots of care: share a bookish friendship that was caring and supportive!

Just one bookish friendship? I'm going to say the friendship in Mhairi McFarlane's Who's That Girl because I distinctly remember saying how lovely it was that these friends could not see each other but as soon as they're together they pick up right where they left off. I went back to my review and there was a quote which totally summed it up for me:
‘Some friendships, they’re like favourite mix tapes. You hit pause but when you un-pause and play it again, you pick up right where you left it. You know all the right words and what comes next.’
Those are the kind of friendships I love as it's the most like what I'm used to seeing in my life, there are some friends I won't see for ages but when we're in the same room together you wouldn't know it. Edie's friendship with Nick and Hannah was great like that.

Hyacinths have a sweet, lingering fragrance: what’s the sweetest novel you’ve ever read?

Sweet? Come on, I read romance I'm always reading sweet books. I am going to mention one I've not long read, it's only a novella, but it was utterly charming. His Bride for the Taking by Tessa Dare, the romance between Mary and Sebastian in that short novella was just so sweet. I got swept up for a little while in their ups and downs and it was just so cute. I forgot about my coffee I was so absorbed in their cute romance! I had to microwave it when I finished. I never forget about my coffee.

Tulips are bright, popular, and showy: who’s your favourite larger than life character?

This one was tough. I have terrible book amnesia, I just seem to move right onto the next book and it seems to wipe my brain of details of books. I stared at my shelf long and hard and I think I'll have to choose Julia from You're Welcome, Universe by Whitney Gardner. She wasn't the easiest character to like, she was prickly as hell and pushed people away, but she also knew herself and her mind. She was deaf and she was part of the Deaf community as both her parents were deaf too. She fought to make people understand that her inability to hear wasn't a disability but part of who she was. She didn't write English as well as some might because, to her, it's a second language, her first one being ASL. Even though I haven't read this book in forever I still remember Julia well, and I remember her awesome yellow Doc Martens which I now really want to own again.

Certain type of Water Lilies are difficult to eradicate: What is a novel that has stood the test of time, and remained your favourite through the years?

This one I have to say Harry Potter for. I started reading that series when I was 8 and I love it nearly 22 years later. I can't help but say I love this series. Yes, I know there is plenty wrong with the Harry Potter fandom, JK Rowling be out there doing all she can to ruin the magic but those books still bring me joy to return to even after rereading so many times I've lost count.

Lavender has many uses, from landscaping and food to cosmetics and essential oils: name a book you love that fits in more than one genre!

I could choose so many different romance books for this one. But I want to choose something to surprise you Or maybe not surprise you, but something a little different so I'm going to say Omens by Kelley Armstrong. That whole Cainsville series was brilliant, it was a blend of mystery and paranormal. It was like nothing I'd read before and honestly, I think there are few series like it. Kelley Armstrong writes such original books and that's why I will always return to read whatever she writes, I might take my time about it but I will always keep track of her new releases as I know I'll always find myself reading something original.

And I am done! That was so much fun to do, what do you think of my choices? Tell me the answers you’d give or better yet do the tag and let me know!
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