I’m Back, Let’s Chat

07 April 2020

What better time to return to blogging than when the world is in utter chaos?

I won’t go into details. We all know what’s happening out there (out there being outside where I actually want to be, for once) and so what’s the point of me going on about it to you when we’re all more than aware of what’s happening? I will say stay safe, social distance, be good, be kind, and stop touching your face (don’t lie, you probably were, it’s small nightmare to try and stop).

Now I’ve got all that positive malarkey out of the way let’s move on to some deeper stuff. There is one simple reason I am getting back in to blogging now. OK, I’ve actually been trying to get back into blogging for like two months now, I even have another ‘I’m Back’ post typed up and ready to go. I did graphics and everything… but I didn’t manage to write any posts to go along with the return post. It kind of defeats the point if you’re back for one post and disappear again (trust me, I’ve done that before). But the reason I’m back now for one simple reason, I’m lonely and stressing myself out with continually checking the news.  The world is not the most fun place to be lately and one place where I have always been happy (although occasionally slightly stressed) is here in the book blogging world. We are all so nice and kind to each other and I never feel lonely here because there are so many of you to chat to. It does mean I have to put the effort in to catch up on the many, many posts I have missed while I’ve been gone. But I’m stuck at home all by myself I have plenty of time on my hands to do that. I mean, I am working 9-5 still, but working from home means I can hop on here during my (many) coffee breaks and see what’s happening. So more fun for me and great for you guys,

Case in point of the niceness of other bloggers is the below tweet:
This really gave me the boost I needed to crack on and get blogging because I’ve not posted in like three months yet I still see things like this! I’m not crying, you’re crying. But seriously, this is why I was stupid to go away (for various reasons we won’t get into today) and this is why I will keep coming back.

Coming back won’t be easy, though. Honestly, the past few weeks I’ve both been obsessively keeping track of news updates (I even watch the governments daily news conferences) but also I’ve been wanting to avoid reality at all costs because it stresses me the fuck out. It’s harder to get a healthy balance of the two since I live alone (yep, well done Becky. Great time to decide to move out and live alone) I don’t have the distractions of other people. That’s kind of what I need you guys for. You are the outside world distraction which will hopefully stop me going insane. Between you guys, my friends here, and obviously my family, I am hoping that I will find a new balance and won’t have a breakdown from it all.

And that is my return to blogging. Damn, this post does not read as fun and upbeat as I hoped it to be. It’s ok, I’m off to work on posts that won’t reference being a lonely (honestly, I am ok) and hopefully won’t talk too much about the outside world because we all need a break from that. Hopefully, we can all get through this together and give each other that distraction we all need.

What have I missed while I’ve been gone? Give me life updates, books recs, general chit chat. I want it all!
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