Sunday Summary // 19.09.2021

19 September 2021


Another week over with. September is just flying by and I'm not totally certain I'm ok with that. I swear, 2021 has disappeared in the blink of an eye. I know I'm constantly looking forward to next year in the hopes things look better (why is it the future always seems like it will be better? I'm pretty sure I was optimistic about 2020 at the start of last year and look how that turned out) but that doesn't mean I want to fly through the year. Oh well, at least it's another week which brought me good books and some fun adventures.


I was going to feature a Genesis playlist I've been listening to on Spotify since I've somehow agreed to go see them on Tuesday with my mom but then Taylor Swift did her usual of dropping a surprise song and that has been on repeat all weekend because I'm living my main character life right now, ok?


But yes, I am going to see Genesis on Tuesday after work and, I won't lie, I only know a handful of songs. It should be interesting (keep your fingers crossed I don't get told off again). It should be fun if nothing else and my mom has had the tickets ordered since before covid but sadly her friend who was meant to go was just feeling too wary about the situation right now and dropped out. I couldn't let my mom miss out, she's excited I think but we'll probably be going masked up.




I can't believe I forgot to include my tv updates for you last week! I spend a lot of time with the tv on right now, I can't handle silence when I'm working so tend to put it on low so it's almost like the hum of conversation. I'd say I need to go back to the office but turns out it's just as quiet there. Anyway, the main show I've been watching is Run On. I'm loving it, there's just something so sweet and charming about it. I am being very slow about watching, though. Sadly, I can't watch and do other things as I need to be focused on reading those subtitles, which means it's great at getting me to focus but I also tend to make time to do other things instead, like reading and blogging. I've been watching Silent Witness and New Amsterdam as well, and really need to make time to watch Vigil.




Honestly, this week has been quiet. I began the week injuring my toe doing housework (it's a lesson to me to do less of that). The last time I hurt my toe it was after I'd been drinking so it's good to know I'm just accident-prone. My foot now has a lovely purple bruise on it and I'm glad summer has passed so I don't have to make excuses not to wear sandals again. Apart from that, my week was mainly focused on work which is boring for everyone to hear about. I did book myself a long weekend from work, though, so my weekend could be more fun and focused on things I actually wanted to do.


I feel like I made my weekend the weekend to get shit done. I don't know why, but when I book time off of work I always try and fit all of my chores and to-do list into a single day. Friday saw me weeding my garden, tidying the house, washing stuff and generally sorting things. But also had me off shopping. I went to the nearest shopping centre which I haven't been to since masks were compulsory I think. I did feel a bit strange being in the minority shopping with a face mask on but I figure we’re recommended to wear them so it seems sensible. it can be frustrating not everyone agrees. I still had a fun time, at least, even if I spent more than I intended. It just sucks that was a shopping trip less for nice clothes and more to cover more things from my to-do list like buy shampoo and lots of essentials I’ve been putting off buying. I did buy some makeup and a new book, though. I treated myself a little, even if my bank account protested when I checked it at the end of the day.


The only other event of my weekend was a party I went to for my friend's engagement. It had previously been planned as her 30th birthday party but that got postponed and she then got engaged so when she changed the date made more sense to celebrate that instead. It was a good night, although it did feel weird to be mixing with so many people again. Isn’t it strange to be hoping for a return to normal yet when normal events happen they feel so foreign? It was a good night and I got to catch up with friends who I’ve not had a chance to see in so long. Now I just want to spend my Sunday reading and playing The Sims, I feel like I deserve a lazy day.



I'm almost finished with my reading of the Kate Daniels series! I've one book left but I decided to read Hugh's spin-off book since it was released before Magic Triumphs. I’d been so determined not to like Iron & Magic and I’m a little annoyed I am now a fan of Hugh and just want nice things for him. Where is the next book in that series i ask you? I’m preparing myself to read Magic Triumphs now and I don’t think I’m ready. What am I going to do when I finish the series? I can already predict the reading slump that will follow. Pray for me!


I did listen to one audiobook this week as well. It was a slow Thursday at work and I needed something to keep me focused and I won’t lie, it was a little disappointing but it did serve the purpose I’d wanted. It kept me entertained for an hour or so while I did boring stuff at work.


New To Me

Only a couple of purchases this week (go me). I wanted to read Derek's novella so had to buy that. I'm glad I did, it was good and makes me excited to read Julie's book after I finish Magic Triumphs. I also went shopping on Friday and saw The Ex Talk in my local Waterstones, this is exciting since it's a US edition and they don't tend to order in too many copies of books from the US unless it's a special order. I'd actually gone in intending to buy The Jasmine Throne by Tasha Suri but thought I'd check out the fiction section (no, most UK bookshops will not have a romance section. It's an issue) as well the sci-fi and fantasy and there it was! I immediately knew I needed it in my life and The Jasmine Throne will wait until and another shopping trip.


What have you been doing this week? Any good books or recommendations for me? And what do you do to avoid a reading slump after reading a really good series?

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