Sunday Summary // 26.09.2021

26 September 2021

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I can’t believe it’s October next week! I have so many different things coming up over the next few weeks and months and beyond so it’s scary that time is slipping on by so fast. I should be used to it. The pandemic certainly showed time doesn’t only fly when you’re having fun. I could descend into a whole thing about how time is relative but I don’t really understand it so how am I meant to explain it? I had actually intended to post a little more this week and get my posts drafted for next week but best laid plans and all that. Oh well, I posted and I was pleased with that, we’ll see what comes next when it comes to blogging. I’ve got plenty of other things on so falling behind on stuff was inevitable.



I mentioned last week I was seeing Genesis and they were great. Way better than expected. So, in honour of that, I thought I include my favourite song from them and my favourite song which they performed. They did a little acoustic set in the middle of their performance and this was one of the songs they performed and it really blew me away. There were doubts about Phil Collins’ ability to perform with his health struggles and although he had to spend the performance sitting down he can still put on a good show. His voice has changed with age but he knew how to perform the songs so we all knew them and could enjoy them. I obviously only recognised half of them but I could tell everyone around me knew them all and enjoyed them.




I’ve still not finished Run On, I meant to continue watching Monday as I had the day off of work but instead, I was getting my to-do list done. I’m planning on trying to watch some today but again have to do things on the to-do list. Why do I always have a to-do list? Midnight Mass was released Friday so I binge-watched that Saturday ignoring the to-do list, which means I am technically writing this post Sunday morning but sometimes I like to be last minute and chaotic. Midnight Mass was good, I couldn’t stop watching as I tried to figure out how it was going to resolve itself but I don’t know how to feel about it now. My problem with binge-watching is the fact I don’t have time to process all of the events in the show. I’m waiting for one of my friends to finish so we can discuss as we had theories when we first started but she had to go out and I refused to move from the sofa so I’m just left with all of these thoughts! It was a good show, I am glad I watched but I need digest time to decide if it was really good or just a decent watch.




I always wish I had really exciting things to catch you up on here but I honestly don’t. I don’t think you want to hear how I managed to get everything ticked off on my to-do list Monday or that work was boring but has been really pushing me hard with people taking time off so we can get everything done. I don’t want to be boring and talk about work. The only work thing I will mention is that a team lead is once more leaving and I wasn’t even told I found out in a newsletter we get! I don’t think I was blogging during the time of both the team leads in my department leaving but that was back in March. One was finally replaced in July but I guess they don’t like it as they’re off again. Honestly, the company is not having a great job at keeping people in supervisory positions. I’ve been without a supervisor since March, I just have a manager who is managing like 20 people now. We’ll see what happens there.


Tuesday was obviously Genesis day, after work we went off to Birmingham and faced the crowds of the Utilita arena. It was strange to be in a place with so many people, I’ve been to shops and bars but nothing that big. There was a mix of people some with face masks and others without. And then the woman who sat next to me had a face mask on and spent the whole concert with her fingers in her ears. She was bouncing her legs along with the music so she seemed to be enjoying it. I just wish I had some earplugs I could have offered her. It was a really fun night out with my mom but I regretted it a little the next day as I was so tired but what can you do? I’m not trying to convince people to come to more concerts with me. We’re eyeing up Elton John for 2023 and possibly The Weeknd next year but why is it always so expensive for tickets?


That was really the highlight of my week. The only other interesting thing I did was go to a friends house for some drinks and a catch up where we ended up talking to 1am. I love those nights as they are so chilled and I got to hang out with her little dog too. We were busy making plans for next month and next year. Hopefully, all of the things we were planning will happen but we’ll see. It’s just really nice to catch up with folks, to be honest.



I didn’t read as much as I planned this week. I finished the Kate Daniels series and I fully blame Magic Triumphs for me not being in the mood to read anything after. I decided not to read Julie’s book yet, since it’s a new series I figure I can wait a little while to start it. I turned to my trusty random number generator to help me start clearing a few more Kindle books since I am lost on what to read next. Lucy in the Sky I expected to DNF, the writing at the start was rough to say the least but I got sucked in somehow and ended up finishing it one evening. I did skim sections but I enjoyed it. Never going to be a favourite but I’m so glad it popped up. Sadly, the next book chosen was a Colleen Hoover one and I have a love/hate relationship with her books. I finally decided to DNF as I just couldn’t face what was going to be an angsty read. Then came Once Upon A Dream, I am so close to DNF-ing it but it’s a novella collection of 3 fairytale retellings, how can I DNF novellas? I actually read a whole heap of Drarry fanfiction instead while I avoid reading my latest book pick. Hopefully, I won’t be in a month long blackhole of fanfiction but with me I honestly never know.


New To Me

I’m trying to be good but I did buy a couple of books I’d been eyeing up in the monthly Kindle deals before the month is over. I probably shouldn’t have done as two are part of a series and I said I wouldn’t invest in series without starting them anymore but I’m a rebel obviously. I’d originally planned to try reading the first book in both these series but I am very bad at following through with such plans. I won’t cry if I don’t like them, they were all 99p so it’s not terrible.


What have you been doing this week? Any favourite reads? And please tell me you’ve watched Midnight Mass so I have someone to discuss it with!

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