Sunday Summary // 03.10.2021

03 October 2021


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Any we are finally in October, I don't like it. New month's stress me out as I start thinking I need to get loads done and realise I did nothing the month before. I'm still not sure what I think I should be doing, though. I really need to stop drafting these the same day they need to be posted, but sometimes I am just too lazy to do them sooner.



I actually haven't been listening to anything new this week. I think I’ve just been listening to Taylor Swift on repeat along with about 4 albums I’ve been obsessed with for months. One song I’ve been listening to a lot is Rumours by Lizzo and Cardi B. Honestly, it is such a tune and I kind of love it. I forgot I went through a phase listening to Lizzo on repeat and it got slightly renewed when I heard this song.



It's been a full week of work for me this week, I don't think I worked a full week through the whole of September with various days of annual leave booked in so this week felt long! It's also the first week the weather has truly turned and felt like Autumn. I've been wrapped in blankets and have taken to having a hot water bottle around while I work, it's especially nice to keep my feet warm when I'm sat working because slippers just aren't enough, they aren't heated! I was trying to stay strong and leave the heating off until October but I had to give in eventually. It's not like I'm a student any more where we were constantly telling ourselves to put on another jumper. I spent a lot of my student years in bed to stay warm. Now, I just don't like turning the heating on too early as it feels like I'm giving in and once I do it will just be permanently cold weather. I never claimed to be a reasonable person.


I also bought a new phone this week, I'd been debating buying the new iPhone when they announced it since the battery on mine is becoming worse as time goes on but it seemed a bit excessive. Mine was still working I just have to carry a charger round with me if I'm out all day. But then my mom upgraded her contract and got one and the want became too much. I'm a little embarrassed to say I bought a new phone because I sort of wanted one but mostly I was jealous. I may be 30 but I'm still able to be petty and unreasonable. Don't worry, I'd got money saved away for a potential new phone anyway, but I'd been trying to stay strong. It's is very shiny and new, though. I love shiny and new tech and my old one is being sold so at least I'm not one of those people who hoards away a million old phones in their house. I suppose I should be allowed to treat myself to nice things, but I get the guilt like I shouldn't waste money in that way. It's strange, physical possessions I feel bad about buying but if it's a trip then it seems ok. Strange how brains work.


I had a fun night out on Friday, I was only going to the pub and then my friend was like do you want to go into town there's a band on and somehow we ended up out watching a band in a little bar I haven't been to since 2019 and it was awesome. I then woke up the next day a little worse for wear and then started feeling the going out guilt. Restrictions here have been eased in the UK with the government telling us to wear masks where we think it's sensible and social distancing isn't possible. It's such a wet blanket approach to things but I think because vaccine take up has been fairly high they're relying on that to keep hospital covid admissions down. Anyway, since that is our guidance most people are going about their business like we've not been living in a pandemic and I am functioning through the weird middle ground of doing normal things because they're allowed but then feeling guilty any time I do and constantly worrying I'm not wearing a face mask enough but then it's only effective if the person who is sick is wearing a mask. Basically, I don't think my brain is ready for complete normality and anytime I go out and do normal things I'm worrying. It's good for me to get out, though, and lateral flow testing is around for a reason.


I did spend yesterday feeling a little delicate, which is why I didn't do anything I planned to. Now I know I'll be spending my Sunday doing my whole to do list and doing nothing fun. I'm hoping I can start Squid Game this afternoon if I get laundry and cleaning done.



Look, I'm still in the slump and fanfic blackhole I entered after finishing the Kate Daniels series. I will get back to reading next week (I hope) but I don't know what I want to read. I ended up DNFing the novella collection I was trying to read last week because I'm just not with it. Although, it's not an official DNF I've more placed it to one side to go back to at a later date. I am listening to an audiobook of Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything which is quite interesting. I fancies a non-fiction listen while I was working. I've had a hardback copy of that book on my shelf since uni and I am honestly never getting through it, sometimes stuff like that is easier for me to take in if someone else reads it to me. I've a little over halfway through so fingers crossed I finish next week and I can finally remove it from my shelf!


New To Me

Just one new book this week, I finally bought The Love Hypothesis and now I'm worried about starting it. With all of the hype what if I don't like it? I also don't know if I'm in the mood for a contemporary romance, but it's my ultimate romance trope so I know I need to read it. I'll get there, that can potentially be next week's read if I can get back in the book mood. I do normally get tired after a couple of weeks of binge reading fanfic so there's the chance I'll be back then.


What have you been doing this week? Any good book recommendations or songs I should be listening to so I don't just listen to the same 5 albums on repeat?

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