Monthly Wrap Up // September

05 October 2021


What a month! I’ve just got back into blogging and already everything feels chaotic. I always forget how much time blogging takes up, as does reading. How did I ever find the time? Not that I’m going anywhere but I’m definitely around less than I used to be. I suppose that’s what we call a healthy life balance? Except for half of the time I'm not around as much as I'm either working through my lunch or working late before going out with friends so maybe I don't know the meaning of balance and need to sort myself out. I won't though, because I love doing everything a little bit half arsed and very much crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Let's see if I can remember how to wrap up my life, although I swear I attempt to do that each month with little to no success.



I would like to say for whoever has seen this post when it was posted why didn't you tell me I missed my September playlist? Looks like the embed code got removed when I was editing stuff, that is such a me error to have. I even read through the post and still missed my playlist disappeared.

This is a weird mix for my September playlist. I have also been listening to a lot of other Taylor Swift albums but I figured you didn't want my playlist of songs that I like to sing and annoy my neighbours with. Instead, these are the songs I searched out to listen to and a whole heap of Genesis because I have a new found love for them after seeing them live. I just worry I'll still be listening to the same songs when it comes to October.




I feel like you've had my life highlights in my Sunday posts. I've even looked at my photos to see what I've been doing and it's mostly been convincing my mom to feed me when I go to hers, drinking, seeing friends, working, and trying to keep my Duolingo streak going (I'm at 479 days which is amazing! I will say that a lot of streak freezes have been utilised in that time and I am no closer to being good or even slightly fluent at German).


My month began with me staying at my mom's for a long weekend house sitting but mostly hanging out with Milo. It was a chilled weekend that didn't involve as much TV watching or reading as originally planned because my brother kept coming over to keep my company and then friends wanted to make plans at the weekend. I got my quality Milo time in, though, he remembered how awesome I was and I remembered how cosy he was at bedtime curling up with me. I did forget he is totally averse to a lie-in and that to him getting up late is staying in bed until half 7. The sacrifices you make for pets, right?

I also finally got back to blogging, I still feel rusty as hell and I am amazed I used to have time to blog hop, reply to comments, write new posts, and read some actual books. It was some actual witchcraft I was performing before my hiatus, now I'm amazed I ever have time to post anything. And I was doing it all while having an hour commute to work. I must have really used that commute time for reading because god knows when I fit it in. I also think I used to sleep less. But even now I am constantly tired and I'm getting the sleep in... sort of. Actually, maybe I just waste a lot more time now and have a shorter attention span. 


What else? I've spent a lot of time going out and seeing friends, that's been marvellous. Although is it possible to revert in age? I turned 30 this year and I swear I'm going out as much as I used to when I was a student. I definitely blame that fact on the pandemic, now that restrictions have eased I think everyone I know is trying to fit in everything they've been missing. It's still weird to be going out but I do feel better about it now I'm fully vaccinated. I also went to see genesis, I've only mentioned it a few times. That was my first really crowded event. It's one thing going to a pub or a bar and having to go back to service at the bar but it's very different being in a big venue and seeing all of those people. It's an interesting people-watching experience to see how everyone acts and behaves.


I fully expect my October to be just as busy, I'm even planning to go out for Halloween (ideas for a Halloween costume would be much appreciated otherwise I will be something boring and half arsed. I also refuse to wear face paint, there are limits).



Where did I go?

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I was actually pleased with how much I read this month. 11 books with only one DNF is not bad going. After finishing the Kate Daniels series I did fall into a slump and then pretty much spend the rest of the month reading Drarry fanfiction but who is perfect really? I finsihed a series I've been meaning to finish forever and managed to clear a couple more books from my TBR, it's a win all around and no one can tell me otherwise. 

And that was my September, a weird month but good. What did you read in September? What was your favourite book?

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