Sunday Summary // 17.10.2021

17 October 2021


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I took a week off and I won't lie, I did nothing productive. I have no excuse for not writing a Sunday post last week, i just didn't feel like it. It was the one weekend for the whole of October where I had no plans and so I decided to do absolutely nothing. Or, I actually spent a lot of time watching Squid Game and then finally finishing Run On. But it was nice to not make myself do certain things and just went where the mood took me. It was partially because I'd had a load of things through from my solicitor so it seemed like the house move could be imminent so i had a mad panic of making sure I had boxes and got all of my books packed up... and then there were more delays so the mad rush was for nothing. But also I am still in my book slump and I thought if I didn't pressure myself to blog during my one free weekend maybe I'd use the time to read. Didn't happen so I figured probably shouldn't avoid blogging and just suck it up to see when the reading mood will strike instead.


@ryanjondunn HOSPITAL + BEDROOM w @toni.lodge #toniandryan #lol #bedroom ♬ original sound - Ryan Jon

I’d normally feature music here but I’m actually a little obsessed with a new podcast and that requires me to listen. It’s called Toni and Ryan and it’s just two friends who are chatting away about whatever grabs their attention but they are hilarious. Laugh out loud funny so I don’t tend to listen to this out of the house so I don’t seem crazy. Great episode lengths for doing a bit of housework, though. I will say there is some swearing and I heard them from the ‘the things you can say in x and also in the bedroom series’ so I guess if you don’t find these funny maybe not for you.




The past couple of weeks have pretty much revolved around house related things. Chasing solicitors and estate agents and general rubbish like that. And a whole heap of packing. I have boxes everywhere, it's as bad as when I first moved in. I'm hoping it's the last stretch and I can move soon because this has been dragging on. I just want to move and make my next house my own. I'm excited and nervous. I actually had a note through my door about the school having a bonfire the start of November and so there would be noise and fireworks and it really reminded me why I want to move. I do not want to live next to a school and I am fed up living here.


Other than that things have been quiet until this weekend. I went to the Birmingham Bierkeller and it's safe to say they put on a funny night with music, two Birmingham lads dressed up in their lederhosen pretending to be German and getting you to drink out of steins and do some German drinking songs (and many British ones too). There were loads of people dressed up for the show as well and one woman who there was even actually German and recommended a great beer festival to attend in Germany so now my friend wants to go next year (I don't even drink beer). But it was a funny night at a place I'd never even heard of before.


You'll all be pleased to hear I also sorted out my halloween costume. I decided I couldn't do anything scary or involving face paint because even as a kid I got annoyed with having my face painted so it needed to be easily recognisable. What did I decide on? Red riding hood. I know it's a little boring but I saw one of the buffy halloween episodes where she went as red riding hood and it's lovely and simple and I even have a basket already to carry with me. I'm glad to have it sorted and it didn't require me buying too much to get it right.



Like I said at the start, I've been doing quite a bit of TV watching. I watched all of Squid Game in a couple of days and that was fantastic, highly recommend if you can get through the first episode. I was hooked but I know it might not work for everyone and obviously not recommended for children. I then decided I really needed to finish Run On because I've been watching that for weeks. I did finish but I realised I could only really watch one episode a day because it was such a light soft k drama which didn't lean into too many of the OTT elements you can have in some of the romance ones. But that meant it was almost too sweet if that makes any sense?

I've now moved on to finishing the third season of New Amsterdam as it's finally aired here. I'm trying to take it slow since I'm a little hesitant watching shows which heavily feature the impact of the pandemic because I almost want my TV to be my escape, but I've always enjoyed New Amsterdam so I'm watching. It is a heavy reminder how tough it's been for almost two years now.



As you can see, not a lot of reading has been done since my last Sunday post. I’m still reading some fanfic so that’s something, but  I just don’t know what I’m in the mood for. Mood reading is the worst. Even my random number method has failed me… or not failed but highlighted I am really in a specific reading mood and can’t figure out what said mood that is. I’ll try rereading some favourites next. I thought Seducing the Sorcerer would fix my slump because I sped through it and it was exactly what I wanted to read when I started. But once i finished I was back to my confused search to find my next book. I borrowed All Systems Red from my library thinking maybe a quick listen would help get me in the reading mood and, again, loved it. Listened to it all in one sitting but still don’t know what I want to read next and the next two audiobooks are on hold but could take up to 4 weeks so can’t even listen to them. Lucky Shot and Chasing Impossible were a couple of random number picks… neither was great and considering Lucky Shot was like 25 pages are something stupid short I thought it would get me in the mood to read more Sarina Bowen books… it did not. And I love Katie McGarry books but I’ve realised there is a specific reading mood I must be in to read them otherwise I just roll my eyes at them so Chasing Impossible suffered as I wasn’t in the right reading mood. And now I am back to reading Drarry fanfiction and wondering what I want to read. I don’t think I’m in the mood for anything contemporary because I did pick up The Love Hypothesis but put it down after just a few pages.


I’m sure I’ll figure out my reading eventually. Just hope it doesn’t take another 6 months.


New To Me

Just one other book purchased other than Seducing the Sorcerer, which I read straight away, and that was The Prison Healer. It was in the monthly kindle sale and it sounded interesting so I figured I’d give it a read and promptly didn’t pick it up. I might try that next, at least if I hate it I can return it. But I tend to avoid doing that unless I genuinely hate a book or realise I bought the wrong book because I thought the cover looked like another books I wanted to read (it happens).


And that is my past couple of weeks. I’m off to figure out what I can talk about what I’ve not been reading much. At last I’ve finished a couple of books so there can be reviews. What books have you been reading lately?

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