Sunday Summary // 20th February 2022

20 February 2022

 Sunday Summary

Another week down and the most exciting thing I did? I don’t even know; it was probably taking Milo for a walk. I need to do more exciting things, don’t I?


It was another busy week of work, I worked over a lot because there has just been so much to do, and I have a couple of days off next week for my birthday, so I want to try and come back to as little work as possible. I already know my emails will have something to say about that, but I can try. I didn’t go into work as intended but I don’t always believe myself when I say these things either. I was exhausted, though. I turned my alarm off Friday morning and ended up going back to sleep for an hour by accident. Sometimes there are benefits to working from home as I managed to have a shower, get ready, and drink a coffee before starting my day. Unfortunately, it did mean that in my first call with my manager my hair was still wet and I was dressed like a slob but it was Friday so who wasn’t?


It was a bit of a miserable week weatherwise. We had two storms hit the UK and it was basically a miserable affair for all. It also meant I discovered that there’s a minor leak in my conservatory, but the origin is currently unknown. It’s all fun and games with houses, isn’t it? Last week did help me discover so many of you have no idea what a conservatory is! Who knew they were such a UK thing? Well, I dug out the original listing photos so you get a view of what a conservatory looks like. 

photo taken from doorway looking into conservatory. It's got a dark grey tiled floor and exposed brick walls with 4 walls taken up with large windows and french doors out to the garden. The roof has translucent panels which reach to a point in the ceiling.

As you can see, it’s just a small extension into the garden with a panelled roof and lots of windows. They're a sunroom I guess and they usually get toasty in summer and they can get cold in winter, although I’ve found it hasn’t been too bad. I’ll report back if I start melting in summer and need to go into the office to take advantage of the air con.


Because of the terrible weather, my stepdad has had to work late a lot so I’ve been going round to walk Milo. Strangely, the rain disappears by the evening so Milo will walk (honestly, a bit of a drizzle and he gets stubborn and refuses to walk, he hates water touching his fur). Milo is a stubborn dog and has visited my house a couple of times and now any time we walk past he wants to go in. He’ll merrily walk up the drive like he owns the place and if you try and bypass it he’ll just stop and refuse to walk like you’re betraying him by not going where he wants. It’s very annoying because when he leaves he then wants to walk the long way home as well. I really shouldn’t give in to his stubborn ways, but I just look at his little face and can’t say no to him. A dog is manipulating me!


I’m continuing my house cleaning quest. Thankfully, the jobs I have left to do are far less nasty than carpet cleaning. It’s all cleaning the bathroom and trying to find homes for everything, but it’s coming along. Maybe I'll even unpack all of the boxes soon instead of just piling them in hidden corners of my house.


What I’ve Been Reading

The Sandman Act 1 - Neil Gaiman & Dirk Maggs Feral Sins - Suzanne Wright Stealing Mr Right - Tamara Morgan Saving Mr Perfect  - Tamara Morgan Seeking Mr Wrong - Tamara Morgan

I was very worried I was entering a slump this week. I finished Method Acting last week and struggled to settle on anything to read. I placed so many books on my 'never gonna read' shelf after reading just the first chapter and it was frustrating. I eventually started Feral Sins, which was a KU borrow, as it was a fake relationship paranormal. It was all right and I did read it fairly quickly but after finishing I wasn’t convinced I’d continue the series and was still no closer to figuring out what book I was in the mood for. I finished The Sandman audiobook which was enjoyable while I worked but I still didn’t have an evening book to read. I returned to my Kindle browsing the older books I have unread and stumbled across Stealing Mr Right. I had the first two books in the Penelope Blue trilogy already, but I did think I would probably DNF as I couldn’t see how this book could hook me when the couple were already in an established relationship. I was totally wrong and devoured all three books in the past few days. They were spectacular, definite favourites of mine now. I need more books with a relationship similar to that which Grant and Pen had because they were just so well balanced and fun. Definitely recommend, I think I’ll try and figure out how to review it eventually.


New To Me

The Sea King - C.L. Wilson The Intimacy Experiment - Rosie Danan Seeking Mr Wrong - Tamara Morgan

I bought more books this week. One was a book I had actually read before so that makes it a non-addition to my shelf, right? I last read The Sea King when it was released, I had an ARC of it and I realised there was a gap in my shelf where it should be when I unpacked my books. I know the next book in the series still hasn’t been released but at least I have them to reread when it finally is out. I’d been meaning to buy The Intimacy Experiment ever since I enjoyed The Roommate last year so I had to buy it when it was on offer. And then Seeking Mr Wrong? I needed it after devouring the first two books in the series in just a couple of days. I think I didn’t do too bad, but I know my birthday is next Saturday and I will easily persuade myself to buy more books then because why not? I’ll try and stay strong.


What have you done this week? Do you feel educated seeing what a conservatory looks like? And what do you do when you can’t figure out what to read?

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