Sunday Summary // 24th April 2022

24 April 2022

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It's a late update this week. I think this is the first week where we've got to the weekend and I've felt properly exhausted in a long while. I went into the office twice this week and then had a third day of going to the office after work to join my team for a work meal so I’ve not spent too much time at home. It’s both why I’ve not blog hopped much this week and also why I’m now behind on blog posts. It’s annoying as I’d started with the best of intentions but you really forget how much the commute and socialising in the office takes it out of you, don’t you? I said to someone at work how tired I was after only 2 days in the office and they said how crazy it is we used to do it 5 times a week. I know going into the office more regularly is going to be the norm soon enough but until then I reserve the right to have a slight grumble every time I do so.


I didn’t think I’d say this, I actually quite liked going into the office, though. I think it was just nice to see people I work with in person and have the chance to chat and do the usual office gossip and lunch time small talk. We had a meeting with the US which is why we were encouraged to come in to be part of the afternoon call in the meeting room rather than everyone on Teams and it actually was weirdly nice to meet in the office and see the managers in person! I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve met my managers in person so it’s weird seeing them but nice. I’m hoping to have some positive news work wise which will be nice. Then Friday we had a team meal celebrating year end (I know, us finance folk celebrate the weirdest things) and it was a good time. The cocktails were interesting and I managed to avoid getting drunk. I wish the food had been a little nicer but what can you do? I was home before 11pm and it reminded me I should do more evening stuff in the city because the journey home really isn’t that bad. Might suggest it to my friends we have a nice meal out sometime since I am chronically single (and totally fine with it).


Apart from work I’ve been boring just watching TV and chilling, with a lot less reading this week. I watched all of Business Proposal on Netflix and although the ending was a touch abrupt I really enjoyed it. Both couples were brilliant and the show had me crying in laughter at times. I really feel like western tv could learn a little from Korean dramas. I realised as I was watching that k-dramas are so good at romance and just characterisation in general because they don’t just do what you can see to create tension but you often hear the characters thoughts or they add in details so you know their thoughts. I’m catching up on some k dramas I hope, I’ve hot Hometown Cha Cha Cha on my to watch list forever and I think now is the time, and also Twenty Five Twenty One.


What I’ve Been Reading

The Tyrant Alpha's Rejected mate - Cate C. WellsIce Planet Barbarians - Ruby DixonBarbarian Alien - Ruby DixonSnowspelled - Stephanie BurgisLead (Stage Dive #3) - Kylie Scott

This was a week of me reading books I didn’t expect and it’s not a bad thing. The Tyrant Alpha’s Rejected Mate was a freebie for me, I got it a while ago and had thought it was a DNF when I couldn’t get into within the first few pages but when I picked it up again as part of my quest to conquer all my new purchases of 2022 I kind of really got into it. It was OTT and high drama at times but that then led me to rereading the first Ice Planet Barabarians and finally reading the second. I then decided to reread Snowspelled and then we ended up with me getting back to reading the Stage Dive series. It was a weird meander through my mood reading.


New To Me

Lead (Stage Dive #3) - Kylie Scott

Only one purchase and that was the third Stage Dive book which I began reading straight away. I think I’ll be buying the final one straight after and then maybe it’ll be time to read another 2022 purchase. I do need to get to a couple of ARCs, though so we’ll see.


How was your week? Anyone else been back to the office recently? Please give me any k-drama recs as well as I need more to watch.

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