Sunday Summary: 08.02.2015

08 February 2015

Sunday Summary
So I substituted a Sunday Summary for a Monthly Wrap Up last week and I’m sure you all missed my lovely rambling post about my comings and goings of the week. I can’t say I’ve done much. I’ve been waiting around for a book order to come in all week and it hasn’t been delivered yet, which is annoying, but I’ll give it until Monday. I’ve bought some fairy lights for my room, to get some pretty lighting for when I’m watching films. And I’ve binge watched The 100, I’m four episodes away from being all caught up with the series so far. All I can say is why on earth has no-one been shouting louder about this show? It’s amazing. I am now a massive Bellarke shipper, they are so cute and adorable, and Bob Morley? Yum. It’s kind of why I haven’t been around here so much posting things this week, my social life got in the way (I know, like I have a social life?) and I’ve been absorbed in TV watching. I was excited to have gotten the first Author Addiction post up, but then I wasn’t home to be able to be all excited about it.

New To Me

Touch Of Power – Maria V Snyder (I love this woman’s books so I hope I like this series)
A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J Maas (Thank you Bloomsbury for approving me on Netgalley, this is my book for next week)

What I’ve Been Reading

Lola and the Boy Next Door – Stephanie Perkins (after getting recommendations to read it on my TTT I figured why not?)

Sorry I don’t have more to say this week, but I’ve got a ton of things to do at home so I feel all up in the air, but then I wanted to give you an update and promise I’ll be back next week (hopefully) with a few more posts, I’ve got a ton of reviews written (I know, am I the same person, I never post reviews) and I’ve got a few ideas for ramblings from me so see you soon.
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