Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

10 February 2015

Todays Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish is all about romance, and I adore romance. It’s about what we love and hate about romances in books, and there is a long list of both from me, but these are the ones I can explain best.

Ten Things I Hate About You Romance

1. I hate insta-love, I want to see the romance develop not just they saw each other and it was true love
2. I hate the unnecessary conflicts that always occur because people don't talk. I'm not saying that all secrets must be revealed instantly but you just know when someone thinks they can solve something on their own
3. When someone does something to protect the other with no discussion. Lack of communication in romances is so annoying. I don’t expect couples to reveal all their deep dark secrets at the drop of a hat, but no one ever seems to trust anyone and I get trust issues, but these people take it to a whole new level.
4. Love triangles. I hate love triangles. They are always so unnecessary, and I always feel bad for the one that ‘loses’ in the end. I just feel like they are always put in a book to give a bit of interest, especially in trilogies and series, add a pit of conflict to mix things up a bit… boring.
5. When a couple gets together too soon in a book (this is more specific to romance novels) but when they get together too soon and then the rest of the book then gets tangled up with creating troubles for them that are completely unnecessary. I understand there are struggles in relationships, but books often make it unnecessarily complicated.
6. I don’t tend to like cheating in books, if it’s done well, and I don’t end up hating someone and it’s not for some dumb reason the great, but it’s definitely a thing that can put me off a book’s romance.
7. I hate when the romance ruins friendships, when girls fight over a boy, when boys fight over a girl, when any friends fight over anyone really. Friends should always come first, everyone knows this, and they certainly shouldn’t be ruined, or take over, because of a silly little romance.
8. It gets repetitive. It all ends up feeling like romances are following the usual formula, and that gets boring.
9. Sometimes the romance seems too obvious, nothing surprises you. It goes on from the formulaic bit, but you can see it all happening, as soon as a character is introduced you just know that’s the romantic interest and there is every chance that character will not get to develop out of that box created for it.
10. I hate how much I adore romance in books, like you’d think I’d get bored of it, but I just don’t. I love how cute and adorable a good romance can be, and it never gets old.
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