Top Ten Favourite Heroines From Books

24 February 2015

I have to say there are a million heroines I could choose for this. I am insanely tempted to do TV heroines, but I would undoubtedly pick your expected selection of bad asses and kickass women from TV, and I really do prefer to feature books for these top ten Tuesday moments The Broke and the Bookish throw at us. So, instead, I will try and pick as many bookish badasses as I can think of. When I was first doing my bookish thinking for this I thought it would be a collection of fantasy badasses, but then I decided to choose the heroines who most inspire me from books.

Allyson – Just One Day

The book itself was an inspiration, leading to a stung sense of wanderlust within me, making me want to go travel and see the world, but it was Allyson herself that truly inspired me. I could relate to her a lot in the book. The pressure she was under to follow a certain path and struggling whilst she was doing, her daring to do something different, even if it broke her heart in the end. She was inspiring as she learnt who she was as a person and came into herself.

Glass and Clarke – The Hundred

I know I’ve been all obsessed with the TV series, but I have also been reading the books. In the books there are two female main characters, Clarke and Glass, and both of them are inspiring in different way. Clarke is one of my favourite heroines because she is so strong, despite the losses and heartbreak she has suffered, and the adversity she continues to face on earth. Then Glass is also inspiring due to her strength, she has lived such a privileged life, but then she lost so much, and she somehow managed to get through. She struggled through so much, and continues through out the book and I love her for it.

Feyre – A Court of Thorns and Roses

Feyre is amazing, she struggles to keep her family together through all their difficulties growing, helping to get money, put food on the table and to to keep her family alive. Then she gets thrust into the world of the fae due to one action which alters her life. She lives and adapts their, and when given the opportunity to carry on as she wishes to care her family she fights her way back to help those she loves. I don’t want to give too much away, but the last third of the book all you can di is cheer Feyre on.

Yelena – Poison Study

Yelena gets convicted for a crime that is completely unfair to her. You see her struggles, she had a terrible upbringing and now is in a new prison being forced to stay in a realm where she will be shunned as she discovers she has magical abilities. She finds a family she never knew she has and learns about a world she never knew she belonged to and possesses abilities no-one realised she has and she struggles through and stays being that strong person you met at the beginning, who was attempting to do the best for those she cares for.

Paige – The Bone Season

This girl grows up in a world where she is hated for what she is, and yet she is still struggling to protect it because she knows there is a greater evil out there then the government who hates her. She struggles to protect those she cares for, even when it ends up putting her in danger, and that is pretty badass.

Claire – Outlander

That woman struggles with the fact she loves two men. She has to figure out how to deal with being sent to the past after a really weird day. Fights and claws to make her way back home. Tries to figure out how things work in the 1800s without getting herself killed for one thing or another, all whilst being an English woman in Scotland during a period when the English are hated. It’s amazing

Kestrel – The Winner’s Curse

Kestrel is amazing because she makes the tough decisions, even when they may not necessarily be best for her. She is someone who makes the sacrifices others aren’t willing to make, even when it doesn’t end well for her. She is tough and hard on the outside and she certainly doesn’t come across all warm and fuzzy, which makes getting to know her in the book even better.

Ananna – The Assassin’s Curse

Ananna is tough, but she is also young and careless and selfish and so innocent. As you follow her story in the book she grows on you as she learn how her brain works. She is so strongly independent and she knows what she wants from life, but she has so much to learn, and I think that is what I loved in this book.

Penryn – Angelfall

Penryn is such an inspiring characters for one reason and one reason only, everything she does is for her family. She suffers so much, and she forces herself to go to hell and back for her sister. She does everything she can, and things she probably never wished to do for her sister, and she struggles with everything she does and I just adore her for that.

I hope you like my list, and I always love to see what you all have to say so please let me know.
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