Sunday Summary // 13.03.2016

13 March 2016

Sunday Summary
You will all be relieved to hear that this week was much better than last week. Work seemed to last years (yeah, you could say people have been less upbeat than usual) but no more dramas and bad news and everyone is attempting to boost each other up and things are a lot more normal. Could the better mood be because certain managers have been on holiday and out of the office? Well, I really couldn’t say.

This week I took a bit of a break from my blog. It probably wasn’t the best plan. I posted a couple of posts I’ve had lurking in my drafts (you would not believe the number of reviews I have written up, it’s so unlike me), but I’ve written nothing new and not really read many blog posts. It was nice to take a break. I should probably have picked another week, though. I need to get posts sorted for the next couple of weeks as I’m away next weekend and weekends are my blog time. I will attempt to get stuff sorted because I know there’s another Gone To The Movies post coming up and I have a couple of discussion posts I want to finish. Ugh, why are there not more hours in the day?

Now, I went to Ikea on Saturday, it was an extremely exciting trip with my brother where we successfully managed to not get lost in Wednesbury and got to purchase furniture. It was partly done as my brother needs to fill his house, he knows he needs to acquire things but he had not idea what he needed. I, on the other hand, had a list of things I needed to buy, including new shelves and something my mom had been hassling me for ages. I successfully acquired everything I needed and then had to spend Saturday and probably the rest of today assembling the damn things. If you frustrated cries of frustration, that’s probably me resisting the urge to smash everything with a hammer.

What I’ve Been Reading

It was an excellent reading week for me. I just had a weird little binge read last weekend. I was in some kind of bookish thing where I had a book hangover after Act Like It (which I keep calling As You Like It because that is how my brain works) and I knew I wanted to read but didn’t know what so I just kept powering through books. I did conquer a few books, though. My TBR may not be shrinking at the rate I would like, but it’s definitely shrinking.

New To Me

Okay, now I only paid for one of these so it makes it acceptable, right? I saw Falling Into Bed With A Duke on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and figured 99p is a totally acceptable amount to spend to find another historical romance (a genre I continually want to read more of but just don’t know where to start with it). The rest were all from publishers, I did a small happy dance (I danced around the house like a loon waving the book in people’s faces) when Nobody But You arrived in the post. I love Jill Shalvis always and I am going to try to read Sunday if all goes well. As for the two Huntley Fitzpatrick books, thank you Egmont for emailing me on them I am totally reading those next week. And you would not believe my excitement when I discovered Passenger was getting published in the UK and I could request the ARC, I am all over that.

I think next week may be an ARC reading week, what do you reckon? Please regale me with your horror stories about Ikea and flatpack furniture, I’ll need something to cheer me up by the end of today, I’m sure.
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