Sunday Summary // 20.03.2016

20 March 2016

Sunday Summary
I have had a busy week this week, it’s just been one thing after another, I’m actually quite glad I’m not at work tomorrow so I can catch up on my usual every day things. It’s why this post is so late going up, I only got home at half past five and I immediately bean typing this post up over doing laundry and unpacking my things.

First of all, my pets had to head into the vets for the day for their microchips (it’s UK law for dogs to be microchipped by April) and we also got them neutered whilst they were there. Let me tell you, it is very disconcerting seeing your dog falling asleep stood up as the anaesthetic wears off. I was scared he would fall down and hurt himself. And my cat spent so much time looking sorry for himself I felt a little bit guilty. It’s necessary, but it was a little bit disconcerting for a couple of days there.

Then I spent my weekend up in Lancaster (or Morecambe, technically) seeing my friends from university. We all lived together first year and haven’t managed to all meet up for a couple of years so it was really nice seeing them all. It was also terrifying as one of my friends has bought their first home and another is planning on looking to buying in the next few months. How did we all get so grown up?

As for everything else, I haven’t done all that much. I need to knuckle down and get some blog posts written and basically do all the stuff I normally do at a weekend.

What I’ve Been Reading

I haven’t read that much this past week and I am behind on my book reviews but the two books I’ve read were fantastic. I started reading Passenger and was a bit uncertain at first, but once I got into I was in love. I was told there was a serious cliffhanger and oh my there most certainly is. It was a really good book. As for What I Thought Was True, it was a really good book which was perfect for me waiting for others to get up in the house when staying with friends.

New To Me

I bought a physical copy of Rebel of the Sands as my NetGalley copy ran out without me reading it (oops?) and I knew I wanted to read it. I also bought physical copies of a couple of Sarah MacLean’s books. I prefer the trashy American covers in comparison to the tamer UK ones so I am slowly hunting them all out online. I’m trying to get them all before I treat myself to MacLean’s new book from December.

And there is my week. Do you find it disconcerting when your friends start doing grownup things? And do you have friends you have mini reunions with?
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