Sunday Summary // 27.03.2016

27 March 2016

Sunday Summary
This week has been the longest week! I was so tired after my weekend trip up north last week that I think I’ve been playing sleep catch up ever since. I don’t think it helped that I had Monday off of work and so this week was a three day working week. Have you ever tried to motivate yourself to work when you know you only have three days and then a four day weekend to look forward to? Let me tell you, it isn’t easy. I couldn’t even motivate myself to do blog related things because my working day felt so long I just wanted to sleep, read, or watch TV. It has been the laziest week I’ve had in a while, which is kind of a good thing.

I also went out on Thursday (again, I know guys. I am basically becoming that girl that has a social life and goes to clubs, I thought I was past it… but obviously not) and I spent all of Friday hungover until a trip to McDonalds was done and a trip to Asda for new bedding happened (I love bedding, this has been established). It was really great, though. One of my friends has recently returned from a long stint in Australia and I have known her since secondary school, making her one of my oldest friends, and it was amazing to see her. It’s nice knowing that you may have known this person forever, but you still have enough in common to stay friends.

Apart from that it’s been a quiet lead-up to Easter. I will hopefully get one Easter egg today (I’ve spied one and I’m hoping my mom hasn’t just bought them for my stepdad’s grandchildren) so will be eating and enjoying that. I have spent the rainy weekend reading and watching TV mostly, although I did invest in Pok√©mon Blue as they’ve released it on the Nintendo 3DS store. My brother and I have already agreed we’ll buy the opposite game to each other and battle regularly (because we are so cool).

What I’ve Been Reading

I have been on a bit of a romance binge this past week. Romance of any kind is like my default reading when I’m in a rut and thus the romance books. It began after last weekend when I was so deathly tired I just wanted a comfort read, so I reread 9 Rules and loved it just as much the second time around. I then read a couple of the Gamers series after seeing Kaja’s review for Playing For Her Heart and knowing I needed to read this book when it was set during a comic-con. The second book is better than the first but both were enjoyable short romance reads. I’ll probably read the third book next week. As for Nobody But You, I was looking for a snuggly comfort read on Friday whilst hungover and this book fully delivered. Jill Shalvis writes these perfect romance which are the perfect pick me ups. I adored it completely and am in the process of writing a review to fully explain why. And anyone who told me how amazing Rebel of the Sands was, you were totally right. I finished it this morning and it is love. Complete and utter love.

New To Me


Okay, can we take a moment to not judge me and my terrible Kindle book buying binge? I know these are a lot of books, but there was an Easter sale and they were cheap and I know not what I do!

Now we’ve taken a moment to accept there are a lot of books let us move on to actually looking at them. I may have impulse bought Megan Erickson’s Gamers series after Kaja reviewed one book, I very much impulse bought the first Poldark book when it went down to 99p. As for the Muirwood books, they were in the Easter sale along with The Masked City and I am one of those people who buys a whole series before reading the first book. It’s a character flaw of mine. I then began browsing all the books on my to buy shelf and then added a lot to my to buy shelf and bought A Lady By Midnight, because I have not read enough Tessa Dare yet. The Gift and The Crown and the Arrow were both free, and the second book hardly counts as it’s a short story and will take a few minutes to read.

And there is my week. Anyone have anything nice planned for Easter? And what have you all been reading lately? I never get to hear about your recent reads… unless you review them.
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